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LGMG Mine Truck MT86H


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Curb Weight (kg):31300
Maximum rated load (t): 60
Engine:Weichai WP12G460E310
Axle Load:HANDE 20+35+35
Max.Spee (km/h):40/40
Baffled container packing/stacking capacity(m3):29.5/36.5
No baffled container packing/stacking capacity(m3):28/31
Overall Dimension (L×W×H)(mm):8800×3550×4000
  • MT86H
  • 8704230090

LGMG Mine Truck MT86H Advantage

Stable and reliable, comfortable and efficient, easy to maintain,all-round star products. Working conditions: gravel and earth-rock mixed, for large stone factory, open-pit mines, non-ferrous metal mines and other medium and large open-pit mines.

LGMG Mine Truck MT86H Performance features

1. The reinforced riveted frame with large cross section is fabricated from high strength steel plates, ensuring large loading capacity, good shock and twisting resistance. 

2. The transmission, specially developed for mining operations, is featured large torque output, and is more adaptive to harsh working conditions. 

3. By applying dual push rods, rubber shock blocks and adding leaf spring plates, the front suspension is greatly strengthened. 

4. Box-section stiffeners wedged to form a frame structure for the body, and abrasion resistant steel applied, better impact and abrasion resistance. 

5. Driver’s cab strengthened by roll-over protection structure, which is derived from excavator technique. The cab is optimized from all-around way, making it safe and comfortable.

5.LGMG Mine Truck MT86H-2

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