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5 unique Weichai automotive diesel engine technologies

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According to Weichai technical personnel, Weichai this automotive WP13H diesel engine body thermal efficiency can exceed 50%, mainly with five major technologies such as cooperative combustion technology, coordinated design technology, exhaust energy distribution technology, zonal lubrication technology, intelligent control technology. The solution of high efficiency combustion, low heat transfer, high reliability, low friction loss, low pollutant emission, intelligent control makes the diesel engine body thermal efficiency exceed 50%.shacman h3000 for sale -Shacmansx

Five Weichai automotive diesel engine electronic control proprietary technologies

Simply put, the five proprietary technologies of this engine are as follows.

1. Co-combustion technology: Through the more clever design of the air duct, oil injection, combustion chamber profile and other systems, the relationship between the physical fields such as velocity field and concentration field in the combustion chamber can be made more harmonious, and the combustion speed can be increased by 30%.

2. Coordinated design technology: The ability of the engine body to withstand the highest combustion pressure greatly limits the improvement of combustion. In order to adapt to the higher combustion pressure, it is necessary to selectively weaken some parts again, so that the overall structure is strengthened and the system's high burst pressure tolerance is increased by about 60%.

3. Exhaust energy distribution technology: along with the improvement of combustion, the difficulty of pollutant emission control has increased significantly, the proper design of the exhaust system can be adapted to the needs of waste re-genesis at the same time, to protect the turbine to improve efficiency needs, to meet diesel emission regulations while improving the thermal efficiency of 1%.

4. Zone lubrication technology: According to the different characteristics of each frictional sub of the system, different friction reduction technologies are adopted in a targeted manner in different areas, so that the overall friction is reduced by 20%.

5. Intelligent control technology: Taking advantage of the independent ECU, we creatively develop a series of prediction models for more accurate control, so that every part of the diesel engine working area can be more efficient.

Other Weichai automotive diesel engine unique technologies

One of the most attention is the partition lubrication and intelligent control, and exhaust energy distribution technology, partition lubrication is mainly for the engine lubrication conditions required by different parts to adjust to reduce the friction resistance between the friction vice, the short answer is to achieve friction reduction through technical means.

One of the more belongs to Weichai's patent is the engine cylinder zoning lubrication technology, the engine piston in the steel cylinder up and down movement, different stages of friction and the required lubrication conditions are not the same. The speed is slowest when it comes to the upper and lower stops, and the speed is fastest in the middle, so the lubrication required in the middle is also the highest.

For this, special treatment is carried out in the middle of the cylinder barrel to reduce friction. The lubrication of the cylinder liner-piston ring system to reduce friction and oil consumption is the key to energy saving and emission reduction of internal combustion engines.

From the scene of the engine can also be seen, intelligent control has also done a lot of upgrades, including but not limited to high-pressure common rail tube, intake and exhaust temperature and pressure, turbo bypass valve, oil and gas separator, etc. All are intelligent monitoring and control. Through the electric signal sensor, the mechanical consumption is reduced and all the thermal efficiency is used in the transmission system.shacman h3000 supplier -Shacmansx

In order to reduce the thermal efficiency of engine accessories consumption, this engine also uses clutch air compressor, clutch water pump, electromagnetic silicone oil clutch fan and so on, mainly where it can reduce friction and reduce energy consumption, all of them are used. With intelligent control technology, the state of each accessory is adjusted according to the working state of the engine to reduce energy consumption.

Crankshaft offset Reduce friction to improve fuel economy.

In this engine, we also found a relatively rare technology - crankshaft offset, most of the traditional diesel engines crankshaft and piston are in the same center line, simply put, the center of the crankshaft and the center of the piston is vertical. And Weichai this thermal efficiency of more than 50% of the automotive diesel engine crankshaft center position has a certain offset, the crankshaft and piston is not in a vertical line.

What are the benefits of such a design? First of all, the combustion chamber inflation efficiency will be improved, the piston downward speed is reduced, in the same engine speed and the same piston stroke, the intake time is increased, the appropriate adjustment of the gas distribution phase can make the inflation volume is improved, and the inflation efficiency is improved under the condition of equal residual exhaust gas.

The second is to reduce the friction, the center type engine piston movement to the upper and lower stop point when the force is the largest. It's like pedaling a bicycle, when the bicycle pedal goes to the top and bottom, your foot feels very strained. But when the bicycle pedal turns to the top and bottom of the apex, then you can use your foot to exert the force, and it will save your energy.

But the consequence of crankshaft offset is that there will be side pressure on the cylinder wall, because the connecting rod swing angle is always negative, and some special process is needed to eliminate it. Side pressure is the biggest negative impact of an offset engine. Because the connecting rod swing angle is always negative, side pressure is always present and concentrated in one direction most of the time. Therefore, it is necessary to enhance the hardening of the cylinder wall for increased wear to ensure the reliability of the engine.

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