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About Haul truck

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Haul trucks are off-highway rigid dump trucks specifically designed for high production mining and heavy construction environments.Haul trucks are also used to transport construction equipment from job site to job site.Some are multi-axis to support the equipment being hauled.

Description Haul trucks-shacmansx

Most haul trucks have a two-axle design,but two well-known models from the 1970s,the 350T Terex Titan and the 235T Wabco 3200/B,have a three-axle design.Haul truck loads range from 40 short tons (36 long tons;36 tons) to 496 short tons (443 long tons; 450 tons).Large quarry trucks range in weight from 40 to 100 short tons (36 to 89 long tons;36 to 91 tons).A good example is the Caterpillar 775 (rated 70 short tons [62 long tons; 64 tons]).Quarries are generally smaller than gold/copper mines and require smaller trucks.

Super Class 

The largest and highest payload capacity delivery trucks are known as super trucks.The superclass includes all haul trucks with a payload capacity of 300 short tons (270 long tons;270 metric tons) or greater. As of October 2013,the BelAZ 75710 has the highest payload capacity,450 metric tons (440 long tons; 500 short tons). 

Pop Up After

The rear pop-up configuration is another haul truck body style.Instead of lifting the bed vertically, the hydraulic cylinder pushes the punching surface horizontally through the body to eject the traction load. In the 1980s, P.E.'s LeRoy Hagenbuch first introduced the rear pop-up dump truck.They are designed for use on Volvo BM truck chassis.While injector bodies functioned well,they were prone to maintenance problems and were not replicated until the 1990s.The next documented injector body was developed by British truck manufacturer,introduced a variant that used steel chains instead of hydraulic rams,but it did not catch on.After one of its contractors successfully retrofitted some CAT D400 models,began offering a rear pop-up option using technology originally designed for its scrapers.The new design,installed on the D400E model, is less likely to get stuck in cold weather.bodies for its line of 730,740 and 740B articulated haul trucks.Specializing in truck body design,has developed its own mechanism for its rear pop-up body and has patented its design, Europe and Australia. Company custom rear pop-up bodies or trailers for off-highway vehicles from several manufacturers;includes rigid and articulated varieties,continue to manufacture Rear-Eject bodies for off-highway applications,each using their own institutional designs.

Back Pop vs End Dump

Since the rear pop-up mechanisms don't lift or move outward in any way,they maintain a low center of gravity.This means more stability for the truck on uneven terrain where it could tip over during dumping.Trucks can also drive during dumping;this reduces the time and effort spent subsequently grading the dumped material.Rear ejection is usually better for ejecting sticky material completely,preventing "carry-back".Rear pop-up trucks can deliver cargo in areas with low overhead obstacles.

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