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Common type Electric Overhead Crane

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This is the most common type of overhead crane and can be found in many factories.These cranes are operated by control pendant, radio/infrared remote control pendant or electrically from an operator's cab attached to the crane.


Gantry cranes are equipped with hoists in a fixed machine room or on a trolley running horizontally along the track,usually mounted on a single girder (single girder) or two girders (double girder).The crane frame is supported on a gantry system with a balance beam and wheels running on gantry rails, usually perpendicular to the direction of travel of the trolley.These cranes come in a variety of sizes and some can move very heavy loads,especially the very large cranes used in shipyards or industrial facilities.A special version was the container crane (or "Portainer" crane, as it was named by the first manufacturer), designed to load and unload ship-laden containers in ports.

Most container cranes are of this typeElectric Overhead Crane


These are located on ships and small boats for cargo operations or for offloading and retrieval from small boats without onshore offloading facilities. Most are diesel hydraulic or electrohydraulic.


A jib crane is a crane in which the horizontal member (jib or jib) supporting the movable crane is fixed to a wall or to a column fixed to the floor.Jib cranes are used on industrial sites and military vehicles.The jib can swing through an arc to provide additional lateral movement, or be fixed.Similar cranes, often referred to simply as hoists, are installed on the top floors of warehouse buildings and can lift goods to all floors.

Batch processing

Bulk cranes have been designed from the ground up to carry shell grabs or buckets rather than using hooks and slings.They are used for bulk cargo such as coal, minerals, scrap metal, etc.


A truck mounted crane (also known as a knuckle jib crane or an articulated crane) is a hydraulically powered articulated arm mounted on a truck or trailer for loading and unloading vehicle cargo.The numerous connecting sections can be folded down into a small space when the crane is not in use. One or more sections can be flexible. Typically, a crane will have some degree of automation and be able to unload or load itself without operator instruction.Unlike most cranes, the operator must move around the vehicle to view his load; therefore, a modern crane may be equipped with a portable cable or radio-linked control system to supplement hydraulic control levers mounted on the crane.In the UK and Canada, the crane is often referred to colloquially as the 'Hiab', partly because this manufacturer invented the truck-mounted crane and was the first to market it in the UK and partly because the unique name is prominently displayed on the boom.A roller loader crane is a truck-mounted crane mounted on a chassis with wheels.This chassis can ride on a trailer. Since the crane can move on a trailer, which can be a light crane, the trailer can transport more cargo.


A type of forklift-mounted crane used in automated (computer-controlled) warehouses called an automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS).Cranes move on tracks in a warehouse aisle.The forks can be raised or lowered to any height of the storage rack and can be extended into the rack to store and retrieve products.In some cases, the product may be as large as a car.Stackers are often used in large freezers for quick-frozen food manufacturers.This automation avoids requiring forklift drivers to work in subfreezing temperatures every day.

Block crane

A block crane is a form of crane.They are used to install large stone blocks used to build breakwaters, breakwaters and stone piers.

Improving crane efficiency:

The service life of existing cranes made of welded metal structures can often be extended by many years with post-treatment of weld seams.During the development of the crane, by taking into account the recommendations of the IIW, it was possible to significantly increase the load level (lifting load), which in most cases resulted in an increase in the permissible lifting load and thus increased efficiency.

Similar machine:

The generally accepted definition of a crane is a machine that lifts and moves heavy objects by means of ropes or cables suspended from a movable arm.Therefore, lifting machinery that does not use cables or provides only vertical rather than horizontal movement cannot strictly be called a "crane".

Types of crane lifting machinery include:

  • Interceptions and tackles.

  • Winch (Nautical).

  • Hoist (device).

  • Winch.

  • Windlass.

  • Cherry picker

Regardless of the official definition of the term more technically advanced lifting machinery of this type are often referred to as "cranes."

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