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Dump truck and its types

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Dump trucks,also known as dump trucks,tipper trailers,tipper trailers,tipper trucks or tipper trucks or simply dump trucks,are used to transport construction materials such as dirt,gravel,or demolition waste,as well as coal.A typical dump truck Equipped with an open box with hinged rear and hydraulic cylinders to lift the front so that the contents of the box are deposited ("dumped") at a rate on the ground behind the truck.Trading locations in the UK, Australia,South Africa,and India,the term applies only to off-road construction plants, and road vehicles are known as tipper trucks,tipper trucks (UK, India), tipper trucks,tipper trailers,or dump trucks Towing or just tipping (Australia, New Zealand, South Africa).

Types Dump truck

Today,nearly all dump trucks are hydraulically operated and they come in a variety of configurations, each designed to perform a specific task in the construction materials supply chain.

Standard dump truck

A standard dump truck is a truck chassis with the dump body mounted on the frame.The bed consists of a vertical hydraulic cylinder mounted under the front of the body (known as a front pillar lift configuration) or a horizontal hydraulic cylinder and lever arrangement between the frame rails (known as a bottom lift configuration) and a rear lift bed hinged at the truck's rear.The tailgate (sometimes called the end gate) can be configured to swing up on the top hinge (and sometimes also fold down on the lower hinge) or it can be configured as a "high-lift tailgate" format in which pneumatic or hydraulic.The cylinder opens the gate and lifts it up above the dump body.Some wagon bodies, typically used to transport grain, have swing doors for access to boxes and a centrally located metering door/chute for more controlled dumping.In the US,most standard dump trucks have one front steered axle and one (4x2 4-wheeler)) or two (6x4 6-wheeler) rear axles,usually with two wheels on each side.The tandem rear axle is almost always powered,the front steered axle is sometimes also powered (4x4, 6x6).Unpowered axles are sometimes used to support the extra weight.Most unpowered rear axles can be lifted off the ground to minimize wear when the truck is empty or lightly loaded,often referred to as a "lift axle".EU heavy duty trucks usually have two steering axles.Dump trucks are configured with two, three and four axles.A four-axle eight-wheeler has two steered axles at the front and two power axles at the rear, with a combined weight limit of 32 tonnes (35 short tons; 31 long tons) in most EU countries.The largest standard European dump trucks are commonly called "centipedes" and have seven axles.The front axle is a steering axle,the rear two axles are power axles,and the remaining four axles are lifting axles.Standard dump trucks have a shorter wheelbase and are generally more maneuverable than larger capacity semi-trailer trucks.

Semi trailer end dump truck

A half-end dumper is a combination tractor and trailer, where the trailer itself contains a hydraulic lift.In the US a typical half tipper has a 3 axle tractor towing a 2 axle trailer with dual tires, in the EU trailers usually have 3 axles and single tires.The main advantage of half-end dumps is the large payload.A key disadvantage is that they are very unstable when the pouring position is raised,limiting their use in many applications where the pouring position is not flat or level.Some end dumps utilize articulating arms (called stabilizers) between the chassis rails under the box to stabilize the load in a raised position.

Transfer dump truck

A transfer dump truck is a standard dump truck that tows a separate trailer with a removable cargo container that can also load construction aggregate,gravel,sand,asphalt,clinker,snow,wood chips,triple mix, etc.The second aggregate container (“B” box),on the trailer, is powered by an electric motor, air motor, or hydraulic lines.It rolls on small wheels, rides from the trailer's frame on tracks, and into the empty main dump container (the "A" box).This maximizes payload capacity without sacrificing the maneuverability of standard dump trucks.Transfer dump trucks are often found in the western United States because of special weight restrictions on highways there.Another configuration is called a triple transfer train,consisting of "B" and "C" boxes.These are common on Nevada and Utah highways,but not in California.Depending on axle arrangement, triple transfers can tow up to 129,000 kg (284,000 lb) with special permits in certain US states.As of 2007,triple transfers cost about $105 per hour, while A/B configurations cost about $85 per hour.Transfer dump trucks typically carry 26 to 27 short tons (23.6 to 24.5 tons; 23.2 to 24.1 long tons) of aggregate per load, typically capable of 3-5 loads per day per truck.

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