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F3000 SHACMAN 6X4 340HP Dump Truck


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SHACMAN F3000 6×4 WP10.340E32 DUMP TRUCK
Engine:weichai  / WP10.340E32
Emission Standard:EURO III
Wheels and tires:12.00R20 Radial tyre (grade 20)
  • SX3258DR384


  • 8704230090


SHACMAN TRUCK models cover 8T and above heavy truck products, a total of X3000, F3000, H3000, L3000 four family product platforms, X3000 platform is high-end atmosphere, F3000 platform is tough and spacious, H3000/L3000 is simple and comfortable; The products of the four platforms include a full range of products of tractors, dump trucks, trucks and special vehicles; At the same time in August this year shaanxi Auto in the domestic market listed X5000 tractor, the main standard long-distance logistics transportation, shaanxi Auto will be listed in 2020 X6000 high-end tractor products, matching flat floor cab configuration, comprehensive standard European and American heavy truck.SHACMAN TIPPER-5

SHACMAN  mainly from the front axle, rear axle, suspension system, frame and other configurations, the combination of different product configurations, according to the bearing capacity, drive form, will be divided into lightweight, composite version, enhanced version, super version of four version types, can meet different working conditions, different cargo volume user needs. Under the condition of the same drive, the vehicle carrying capacity of the four versions increases from small to large, covering all kinds of transportation requirements from standard load to the total weight of vehicle and cargo 120T.

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