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F3000 SUPER DUMP TRUCK Superiority

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Introduced in 2009, the F3000 series the one of the best selling product. Reliable, rugged and powerful, the F3000 series can tackle any task its owner ask of it.

F3000 is the first choice for overseas engineering projects. This series platform also has the largest volume in the international market, winning the hearts of its operators.

SHACMAN off road dump truck companySUPER


9.5T MAN front axle + 16T MAN rear axle, 12.00R20 radial tire with 18mm thickness of rim,bearing capacity of single tire is increased by about 200kg, the diameter of U-bolt of front leaf spring is 20 mm, and the thickness of rear leaf spring is 319.5 mm.



The ground clearance of the battery compartment is 9 10mm, and 660mm for guard gating of oil pan, 590mm for bottom plate of flat iron oil tank, 610mm for air reservoir, 630mm for mufler.



Closed alernator for WP10 engine, mufler, fender and air filter are equipped with casting bracket, tailpipe is designed with alterable direction, LED taill lamp is equipped with reliable integral safety fence.

Rear axle matching reinforced gray-iron brake drum, the oil tank is fixed with three tension straps and equipped with,the long-term coarse filter is installed, so as the filtration efficiency of 3-5um impurities is 99.82%,and the oil-water separation efficiency is 99.65%,dust-proof nut helmet for whee bolt.



Shaanxi Automobile is the only truck manufacturer that has attended the National Day Parade for 6 times.

From year 2015 to 2018,Shaanxi Automobile military vehicles have participated in the international military competition held in Russia and got many awards.

A peace of mind is everyone's first concern when out on the road and that's why the F series vehicles are equipped with active and passive safety features designed to give you a safe and relaxed journey. The vehicle cab uses original MAN frame structure design with local strengthening design. The cabin is manufactured with laser welding technology and passes Europe's latest ' ECE R29 ' crash test. The safety of the cab is complimented by ABS+WEVB and the world's most outstanding JACOBS engine braking system.



European standard, military technology:

Vehicle technology derived from European MAN platform, 50 years of military vehicle manufacturing ideals .

Suspension system upgrade:

Fatigue test number reached more than 138 thousand times, life expectancy is 72% higher than the national requirement.

Multifunction steering wheel:

Endured fatigue test more than 185 thousand times, one button quick function feature, casy operation allowing driver to focus better on the road.

Intelligent door control system:

Integrated electric window lifter, electric heating mirror and central control door lock mechanism, working well after 50 thousand endurance tests.

Eagle type halogen headlight:

Increased light distance by 25 meters, passed through 60H sweep frequeney vibration endurance test and reliability is 22.4% higher than competing models.

Modular design of oil, gas and electric pipelines:

Optimized fuel, breaking and turning pipe, braking response time is shortened by 20% while increases pipeline protection capabilities.cheap SHACMAN tandem axle dump truck

Intelligent electrical network architecture:

From Volvo electric design system, higher rliability.



■European MAN technology cab adopts German advanced welding technology. The world's top ABB robot and KUKA robot automatic welding allow higher weld strength of the cab. The vehicle body adopts imported international sedan electrophoretic multi-layer paint technology, therefore, the paint effect, corrosion resistance and durability is better than similar products in industry.

■Brand new body design achieves the lowest drag coefficient in the industry.

■Advanced noise isolation technology and strengthened cab body structure; Application of polyester material can reduce cab noise greatly and increase insulation qualities.

■Four point air suspension system, double layered sealed cab doors and electric controlled automatic constant temperature air conditioning increases driving comfort.

Independent heating system can insure driving comfort in cold climates.




American VISTEON technology interior adopts 100% natural negative ion fiber fabric; new material sleeper berth can promote rest quality. Timed air conditioning external cycle and

activated carbon air filter can increase cab air quality.


Sedan dashboard with new multi-functional VDO instruments includes controls AC, MP3 and radio.


Driver and passenger side are both equipped with easy-operating and adjustable sunshades.


Integrated structure floor mat is equipped with protective strips, great insulation and sealing, easy to clean and with good

noise reduction properties.


Telescopic shaft shift system is fixed shift lever base for increasing cab sealing properties and engine noise reduction.


Four point air suspended auto adjusting seat design

according to man-machine curve, providing its occupants with superior quality and comfort. The seat is effectivein reducing  fatigue which ensures the driver have a safe and comfortable



Advanced SIS suspension system is light weight, maintenance free and with good load balance. New type steel plate spring suspension is equipped with high quality shock absorber and front & rear axle stabilizer bar. The new type of balanced suspension allows better load capacity and durability.

we'er built huge sales network in central Asia and Russia, treat every customer sincerely, with tenacity and stick to service every customer, layout with a diversification strategy to support our confidence in the central Asia market constancy.


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