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Flatbed trucks and side dump trucks may not look very different from each other, but when choosing the type of truck for your business, it is important to understand these differences to make the right choice. Both are rugged enough for heavy duty work, but in the right circumstances, subtle differences can save you time, or allow you to take on loads the other won't, or be less efficient at.


Flatbeds have no sides or roof and are often chosen by businesses that need to load materials with a crane; however, you can still load them by hand or with a forklift.The biggest advantage of flatbed trucks is that they can maximize the use of space, and there are no side restrictions, so they are very versatile.If you want to move tall items, irregular sized items or oversized equipment, a flatbed truck is for you.You can securely secure the load with chains or straps secured to rope hooks or anchors in and around the bed.From long lengths of scrap metal to large furniture, you can move loads that No other truck can save fuel by taking advantage of every inch of the loading bed to travel less.Flatbed trucks are great at keeping ice or snow from accumulating, with no sides and corners for them to accumulate. They can be outfitted with all the accessories you could possibly need, from light bars to tow bars and tool boxes. Many models have GPS tracking for real-time fleet management and theft alerts, deadlocking cab doors for extra security, and heated mirrors.DAF and Iveco make the most popular models, but each manufacturer has a long history of rolling flatbed trucks off the production line, and each has its own quirks and benefits.

Dropside Trucks

Open trucks feature short fold sides that hinge at the bottom, allowing them to be lowered for easy loading and unloading.The sides are designed to allow them to drop below deck level, reducing the risk of forklift drivers damaging the hinges or sides.If your business is in the construction industry, or you are a builder, a side truck is an excellent mover for moving palletized materials such as bricks, blocks, pavers, and bags of cement and adhesive.Some larger side dump trucks can hold up to four pallets.Lift trucks are also a favorite of gardening and landscaping companies as well as individual traders, with mixed loads secured by a large number of anchor points that help prevent dangerous load transfer problems.There is a branding and advertising opportunity to put your livery on the side or tailgate. Assistive technologies such as collision warning, speed limiter, cruise control, distance and crosswind assist, and automatic city emergency braking can also improve driver safety.

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