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Good news: draughtsman X6000 takes to the world stage

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Shaanxi Draughtsman X6000, a high-end heavy-duty truck from China, takes to the world stage. Delong X6000 is a high-horsepower, fuel-saving, comfortable, safe and intelligent heavy-duty truck that is on par with international heavy-duty trucks.

What is a high-end heavy truck? 

Simply piling on various configurations is not the answer to quality. The cost of a high-end heavy truck must be balanced against the needs of the user. In other words, each configuration must be used to its full potential. The rapid development of the logistics market has brought new development opportunities to the trucking industry, with efficient logistics becoming a trend and the demand for high-end heavy trucks becoming increasingly urgent.lorry truck size -Shacmansx

Who can follow the trend of the industry and make an impact on the high-efficiency logistics market? Who can lead the direction of technological development and create a benchmark for domestic high-end heavy trucks? Who can combine the best of high-end technology and compare with world-class high-end heavy trucks?

After more than 50 years of development, Shaanxi Auto has grown into a leader in the domestic heavy truck industry, thanks to its advanced manufacturing concept and technology, superior product quality, and continuous improvements based on customer feedback on its products. It is also these accumulations that have given Shaanxi Auto Heavy Truck a deeper knowledge of the high-end models of heavy trucks.

Shaanxi Auto X6000 heavy truck features

The Shaanxi Auto X6000, a high-end heavy truck model with world class quality, has arrived to explain what is a high-end heavy truck, what is made in China and what is the benchmark of quality in the Chinese heavy truck industry.

1. Benchmarking with international top models, leading the new trend of high-end heavy trucks in China

The domestic automotive industry is late in its development and has lagged behind others in terms of technology and design concepts. But you don't have to be afraid of starting late, what matters is that you keep running. The Shaanxiqi De Long X6000, which is developed independently, is the result of Shaanxiqi's heavy-duty trucks running hard in search of high-quality products.

The Delong X6000 is built based on the performance system of customer needs, with 121 vehicle indicators, 219 system indicators and 2014 component indicators, including quality, safety, driving environment, environmental protection, driving performance, transport efficiency, styling and residual value, etc., to create a high-end heavy truck in all aspects and do a good job as a benchmark for domestic high-end heavy trucks.

The Delong X6000 is equipped with the WP13H-15H National 6 engine from Weichai Power, with a maximum horsepower of 660. The large displacement engine can bring super low torque and explode the maximum torque at ultra-low speed, allowing the vehicle to start more steadily and overtake more swiftly even under heavy load. The high horsepower engine can not only meet more transport scenarios and improve transport efficiency, but also bring better economy.

The power performance of the Delong X6000 not only marks that Chinese heavy trucks can already speak the same language as the world's heavy trucks, but also completes the technical reserve of large displacement and high horsepower engines in China.

Of course, the Delong X6000 does not only boast of its power chain, but also comforts and intelligence, which are comparable to imported heavy trucks. The Delong X6000 is designed from a number of aspects such as vehicle design (exterior, interior, chassis), energy saving and environmental protection (materials, emissions), artificial intelligence (automatic driving, human-machine interaction), space enjoyment (ergonomic seats, cab space), safety and reliability (cab safety), car quality (ride comfort, space quietness, handling experience) and customised service, etc., so that it can achieve the same experience with The Shaanxi Auto X6000 is the best value for money.

With its strong strength, the De Long X6000 does not fall short of international heavy trucks. The high horsepower, fuel efficiency, comfort and safety make the De Long X6000 attractive, and the vehicle concept of Shaanxi Automobile Heavy Truck has also become a new trendsetter in the heavy truck industry.

2. People-oriented, from the heart, all-round to create a new benchmark for high-end heavy trucks

The Shaanxi Delong X6000 is designed with the concept of "people-oriented", including 10 scenarios and 213 functional definitions, such as travel preparation, vehicle search and inspection, unlocking and boarding, driving preparation, driving process, leisure and entertainment, healthy diet, parking and resting, parking and locking, maintenance and so on, providing truckers with It overturns the traditional vehicle design concept in the industry and creates a new benchmark, while eliminating redundancy and reducing costs for users to create a cost-effective high-end heavy truck that they need.

At the engine level, the Draong X6000 has a fuel consumption of only 26.48L/100km at the same speed on the plain, a major breakthrough in the economy of heavy trucks. How is this achieved? Firstly, the Delong X6000 is equipped with an energy-efficient proprietary engine, which has a thermal efficiency of over 50%, making it one of the best in the world. The streamlined body and electronic rear view mirror contribute to the fuel saving of the whole vehicle; finally, the electronically controlled water pump and variable displacement fuel pump, both equipped with low energy consumption power accessory technology, reduce the power loss to the greatest extent. All these factors contribute to the ultra-low fuel consumption of the Draong X6000.

With the engine acoustic package and the double sealing of the doors, the interior noise level is 49.8dB(A) at idle, creating a library-quality quiet atmosphere. Highly decoupled four-point suspension and floating cab suspension technologies make the vehicle more comfortable for the driver and passengers when encountering bumpy road conditions.

The flat-floor design of the X6000 further frees up space inside the cab, creating the most spacious cab in the industry for its class. The intelligent air management system makes the ride experience better, monitoring air quality in real time and ensuring pure air. There are also many intelligent comfort experiences, such as keyless entry and voice control, which make the driving experience more comfortable.

In terms of essential safety, the De Long X6000 has multiple safety guarantees. The vehicle uses full disc braking technology and electronically-controlled combined braking technology, with a braking distance of 25m, which is a new industry low, and improves safety across the board. The cab has passed the latest EU crash regulations, and with the energy-absorbing collapsing cab suspension technology, it can leave the maximum living space for the driver and passengers.

The new era with the rise of young users has higher requirements for product intelligence. The Shaanxi Delong X6000 has the first automatic driving licence for heavy trucks in China, and is the first in the industry to receive it, which shows Shaanxi Auto's far-reaching research on automatic driving. The Delong Advanced Assisted Driving System equipped on the Shaanxi Delong X6000 can achieve a number of driving aids to help drivers anticipate danger and avoid it. At the same time, Shaanxi Auto's Delong X6000 has an intelligent escort solution that enables dynamic monitoring, intelligent alerts, remote diagnosis and quick repairs, making the journey worry-free.

The all-round upgrades of fuel efficiency, comfort, safety and intelligence endorse the high-end nature of Shaanxi Auto's De Long X6000. It is these four advantages that make the De Long X6000 a new benchmark in the domestic high-end heavy truck industry.

3. Establishing the high-end image of Shaanxi Auto's heavy trucks and maximizing value with high cost performance

What is a benchmark? It is not only a benchmark for the design of products in the industry, but also represents the masterpiece of cutting-edge technology in the industry and technical strength that is difficult to reach.

The Shaanxi De Long X6000 combines Shaanxi Auto's military quality, human-oriented design concept and leading intelligent technology, fully interpreting Shaanxi Auto's flagship model and at the same time powerfully transmitting this gold-plated business card.

With the emergence of the Shaanxi De Long X6000, Shaanxi Auto's product lineup has been expanded to form a rich and comprehensive product matrix. In the current competitive market, its leading power, reliability, safety and comfort will establish the high-end image of Shaanxi Auto's heavy trucks and challenge the world's highest quality heavy trucks on behalf of China-made heavy trucks.

At the same time, the Shaanxi De Long X6000 will also lead to an all-round upgrade of the entire product range of Shaanxi Automobile Heavy Duty Trucks, which will become synonymous with high quality heavy duty truck brands in terms of design concept and technology. The launch of the Shaanxi Delong X6000 marks a place for Shaanxi Automobile Heavy Truck in the high-end heavy truck market, the brand image of Shaanxi Automobile Heavy Truck has been comprehensively improved, and the perception of "Shaanxi Automobile Heavy Truck = high-end heavy truck" is being formed. Most critically, the high cost performance of the Shaanxi De Long X6000 will also maximize the value to the user, without the need to pursue the brand premium that comes with a major international brand.

The arrival of the Shaanxi De Long X6000 not only demonstrates Shaanxi Auto's own strength, but also shows the world that the independent brand has the ability to build high-end, high-quality products, and its arrival will inevitably have an impact on foreign high-end heavy trucks, while bringing pressure on other domestic heavy truck brands, promoting healthy competition in the heavy truck industry, and driving the industry as a whole to a new stage of high-end, high-quality.

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