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Good news: Shaanxi heavy truck rose more than 2 times in February

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Heavy truck industry rose 2 times in February, and Shaanxi Heavy Truck rose even higher!

Shaanxi Heavy Duty Truck increase can be even higher in the case of industry surge!

In February 2021, China's heavy truck market is expected to sell more than 110,000 units of various models, a significant increase of about 200% year-on-year.

According to data obtained by Fangde.com, Shaanxi Auto is expected to sell 12,000 heavy trucks in February, up 213% year-on-year. In the first two months, Shaanxi Auto sold 31,800 heavy trucks, up 128.4% year-on-year, accounting for 10.8% of the market share and expanding its share by 1.8 percentage points over the same period last year.

Why did Shaanxi heavy truck manage to outperform the industry growth?

The highest growth in 5 years by fighting!

The latest data shows that from January to February 2021, Shaanxi Auto Heavy Truck is expected to sell 31,800 units, up 128% year-on-year, including about 12,000 heavy trucks sold in February, up 213% year-on-year!

This is not only the highest increase in 5 years for Shaanxi Auto heavy trucks, but also the highest point for Shaanxi Auto heavy trucks to gradually achieve restorative growth in February since 2018-2020.shacman tractor truck for sale -Shacmansx

February 2020 has a low base because of the epidemic, but the growth of sales in February 2021 is not easy. February as the Spring Festival holiday, coupled with the repeated epidemic, the capacity of enterprises and market demand are both low, under such circumstances, Shaanxi Auto Heavy Truck still achieved sales of 12,000 units in February, reaching a new height of increase in February sales in 5 years!

February 15 was the first day of work for Shaanxi Auto after the Spring Festival. Not only did the production line officially start, but also all departments and units, such as the Sales Company, Automotive Engineering Research Institute, Technical Management Department, Financial Services Department, Deyin Stock, Shaanxi Wanfang and Technology Center, were basically fully staffed, and all departments and units started work in advance of the Spring Festival.

At the same time, manufacturers attached importance to production capacity reserves, dealers accumulated ammunition, and innovative online marketing, and many factors contributed to the rapid increase of Shaanxi Heavy Truck in the first two months.

What was the strength in February?

Where will Shaanxi Auto's "all-out" efforts be directed? At the 2021 annual meeting, Shaanxi Heavy Truck put forward the sixteen-word policy: customer-oriented, innovation-driven, strong and excellent to make up for the shortcomings, and towards high-end; the marketing idea of the Sales Division: target-oriented, product-led, model innovation, and towards high-end.

In the face of the general trend of demand shift from low-end to high-end heavy truck products in China, Shaanxi Auto will focus on 12 star models in 2021, covering key market segments in the industry, while the two core product pillars, Delong X5000 and Delong M3000S, will achieve rapid volume uptake and reach sales support. For the new Chinese high-end heavy truck X6000 series, the later planning of M6000, L6000 and H6000 platforms will combine to shape the core competitiveness of high-end products.

In response to the market changes under the influence of the epidemic, Shaanxi Auto cooperated with the industrial chain and dealers to seize the opportunities of construction vehicles such as dumping and mixing, and to lay out in advance the market segments such as coal, express delivery and green pass, which are the first to start.

Since February, Shaanxi Auto's marketing group purchase meetings as well as delivery of vehicles have continued in all regions of the country.

In early February, Shaanxi Auto Heavy Truck held a New Year group purchase meeting in Zhoukou, Henan Province, and signed 358 vehicles on site; in mid-to-late February, Shaanxi Auto Heavy Truck held a delivery ceremony in Henan Province and delivered new M3000 S dump trucks to head customers in bulk.

Customer-oriented service is king

Although Shaanxi Auto is striving to grab the market, it attaches more importance to the friendship with customers and has been implementing the corporate philosophy of "Virtue wins the world, service leads, and quality makes the future".

In 2021, Shaanxi Auto proposed the strategy of "six service express lanes" through research and analysis of customer needs and competitor's guarantee to improve its service capability comprehensively. These include the maintenance fast track, service linkage fast track, technical support fast track, parts guarantee fast track, online service fast track and service change fast track.

During the epidemic and the Spring Festival, in order to fully protect the service needs of Shaanxi truck users and ensure the smooth operation of vehicles, Shaanxi Auto's caring service hotline team has been practicing 24-hour service without closing and responding to customer needs around the clock.

Shaanxi Auto takes care of its customers, helps them solve their vehicle problems, and realizes the positive operation of resources.

How to do in the first quarter?

At the annual meeting of Shaanxi Auto Heavy Truck in 2021, Yuan Hongming, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Shaanxi Auto Holdings, proposed a target of 172,000 units of domestic civilian products) for Shaanxi Auto in 2021.

What is the layout of Shaanxi Auto heavy truck in February 2021?

On February 26, the 2020 Staff Representative (Video) Meeting and 2020 Commendation Meeting of Shaanxi Heavy Truck Sales Company was held. Ma Guoqiang, member of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Labor Union of Shaanxi Automobile Holdings, Zhi Baojing, Vice General Manager of Shaanxi Automobile Group and General Manager of Shaanxi Heavy Duty Truck, Zhou Yinzhao, Vice General Manager of Shaanxi Heavy Duty Truck, as well as members of the leadership team, cadres of deputy managers and above, staff representatives of the sales company and all offices met in the cloud to comprehensively summarize the work in 2020 and arrange and deploy key work in 2021.

Zhi Baojing pointed out that in 2021, Shaanxi Heavy Truck Sales Company should, firstly, innovate the marketing model, seek new breakthroughs in the changes, constantly adjust and explore new marketing models; secondly, strengthen the construction of the marketing team, the marketing staff should maintain a heart of defiance and dare to fight, all marketing staff should pay attention to every market opportunity and grab every single; thirdly, improve the quality of marketing, prevent risks, achieve standardized Management, explore the characteristics of the model, strict implementation of the management process, the offices firmly according to the requirements of the headquarters, to explore new risk control model; Fourth, in the face of market competition, the whole company should strongly support the marketing work, all marketing staff work together, work together to achieve the annual marketing goals for 2021 to complete.

Zhou Yinzhao concluded, "All the marketing staff of the sales company should fully mobilize marketing passion and vow to open the door to the first quarter; resolutely win the battle to strengthen and make up for the shortage; fully develop the long-distance standard load logistics market to achieve a major breakthrough in X6000; around the annual marketing target and share enhancement, innovative performance assessment new mode."

From the current order situation and market situation, the market in the first quarter may break through a new high in the past year. Thanks to the excellent product quality and perfect service system, Shaanxi Auto has been able to catch up with the market quickly in February.

Will Shaanxi Auto be able to maintain this high growth momentum? It is worth looking forward to.

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