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High Quality SHACMAN H3000 8*4 50 Ton Dump Truck


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Driving type:8*4
Max. Speed:85km/h
Engine Brand:WEICHAI
Engine Model:WP12.375E50
Transmission Brand:FAST
Front axle And Rear axle Brand:HANDE
  • SX3318MT366


  • 8704230090


Adopting the narrow body cab of the German MAN TGS model, it has the leading design technology and manufacturing technology of Europe, with better lateral adaptability and trafficability.

The H3000 series is great for medium to long distance transportation in and around an urban environment.


SHACMAN classic dump trucks EXTERIOR

●Combined headlamp is equipped with integrated design and electric control function which is easy to maintain the daytime driving hights make drving safer.

●The front of the cab adopts the European low wind resistance V-SHAPE design. The vehicle is designedwth CFD flow field analysis and wind tunnel tests greatly reducingwind resistance.

●Three stages hinge type cab pedal. Making entering and exiting the vehicle more convenient and safer for the passengers.

●Vehicle is painted with American1 FANUC spraying equipment with great corrosion resistance anda urability.


●Advanced noise isolation technology and strengthened cab body structure, the application of polyester material reduces noise greatly and increase insulation qualities.

●American VISTEON interior with pure natural anion fiber fabric, 840mm warm colored lined sleepe with great comfort.

●Germany s new VDO instrument I panel, which is informative and easy to operate.

●New adjustable steering wheel with improved design,instrument cluster with white pointer, the steering wheel can be adjusted 7 degrees, to ensure the best sitting position.

●Air main seat with high-comfort .

●Four point air suspension and transverse damping shock absorber can improve the drive comfort.


●The WABCO siver dryer and water-o1l separator two-stage dewater and oil removal protection ensure compressed ant drying andcleaning. significantly improve the reliability of brake system, reduce pipelime reezing and congestion.

●Unique inter-axle differential and differential lock are convenient for vehicle maintenance and canimprove the transpot efficiency.

●Can be equipped with spring suspension, composite suspension and airbag suspension.

●German BISS technology cooling module with good heat radiation and adaptability for hot environment, the building block design concept is applied to expansion tank with tighter structure.

●The integration of the whole vehicle pipeline improves the aesthetic and reliability.

●Widening and variable Cross section brake shoe with better heat dissipation, braking qualutreand service life.

●Reinforced multi-leaf spring and four U-bolts with great rigidity and strong bearing capacitye.


International supply system: 

SHACMAN vehicles are equipped with parts from world renowned suppliers such as Williams pedal mechanism, German ZF steering gear, USA Eaton clutch with more reliable performance,WABCO valve body and air dryer system and German VOSS quick docking system. Airproof performance increased by 40%.


European standard, military quality: 

complete vehicle technology from European MAN platform,meeting 55 military truck standards. The complete vehicles pass the severe 200000 km actual road test with high altitude, cold and high temperature; free of maintenance for 800000 km.

Suspension system upgrade:

Fatigue test number reaches more than 138 thousand times ( 80000 times as specified in national standard ), life expectancy is 72% higher than the national requirement.

Multifunctional steering wheel:

Endured fatigue test for more than 185 thousand times, one key quick start function feature, easy operation allowing driver to focus better on the road.

Intelligent door control system:

Integrated power window lifter, electric heating mirror and central control door lock mechanism, working normally after 50 thousand durability tests.

Eagle type halogen headlight: 

Increased light distance by 25 meters, passed through 60H sweep frequency vibration endurance test and reliability is 22.4% higher than competing models.

Modular design of oil, gas and electric pipelines: 

Optimized fuel, breaking and turning pipe,braking response time is shortened by 20% while increases pipeline protection capabilities.

Intelligent electrical network architecture: 

From Volvo electric design system, higher reliability. H300 adopts air cylinder and muffler. Chassis accessories are arranged in a flat way. The minimum ground clearance is more than 560 mm, the approach angle and departure angle are more than 28 degrees, increasing vehicle clearance.


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