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How was the leader of Shacman x5000l coal transportation refined?

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In China, coal accounts for about 70% of the energy consumption, and the transportation cost of coal transportation accounts for about 50% of the total cost of coal. For the coal transportation industry, increasing profits is bound to bypass the consideration of improving efficiency and reducing transportation costs.

In addition, in 2022, the oil price continues to rise and the freight rate continues to decline. Efficiency is not only the pursuit of logistics enterprises, but also the most important basis for coal transportation users to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

As a means of production and transportation, heavy trucks can not only meet the needs of users for high efficiency and fuel saving, but also pay attention to the driving experience of drivers in the coal transportation industry, so as to gain a firm foothold in the coal transportation market. In response to this market opportunity, Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck launched Delong x5000l.

Features of Delong x5000l dump truck trailer 

Grand appearance and comfortable driving

Truck drivers are all members of the appearance Association. They can't move when they see a beautiful car. For a heavy truck, users choose it based on its bright appearance. Delong x5000l inherits the family fashion appearance. The front cover adopts honeycomb design, which looks more high-end. The logo of "shacman" is added above the logo of Shaanxi Automobile, which is more international.

The front face is pearlescent dark gray finish, matched with high brightness black grille and high brightness chrome plating, and the integrated highway bumper is used to make it more attractive.

High end models focus on simple color matching. Delong x5000l has black and red matching, which shows the king's spirit. Delong x5000l body has simple and beautiful overall lines, multi-layer color paint coating process, environmental friendly water-based paint, and better aging resistance. The headlamp is equipped with lens light source to achieve the best focusing effect for long-distance driving. The outer edge of the headlamp is also provided with a rubber edge strip to provide cushioning for long-term use.

In addition, the x5000l rear-view mirror adopts an integrated shell, but there are still two split lenses inside, which is conducive to reducing the wind resistance coefficient, reducing fuel consumption and increasing aesthetics.

The reason why Shaanxi Automobile Delong x5000l can win the favor of users is inseparable from its humanized interior, which also reflects the attention of Shaanxi Automobile to the needs of users. Over the years, the heavy truck has always been regarded as a money making machine. People pay more attention to its engine, powertrain, vehicle load and other aspects, and virtually ignore the actual experience of the driver.

As a heavy truck for coal logistics transportation, drivers often need to drive for a long time, and the transportation is mostly rugged stone and earth roads, so the comfort of the cab is particularly important. The saloon interior changes not only the appearance, but also the driver's feeling and experience, so as to truly realize the life of people and cars.

Walking into Delong x5000l cab, I realized the delicacy of high-end heavy truck both inside and outside. From the seat to the steering wheel layout design, I was able to understand the developers' insight and mastery of the user's market needs. The four point suspended cab is equipped with high-performance airbag seats, which can easily filter most bumps on the road. The seat supports multiple adjustments. In addition, the application of electronic control automatic constant temperature air conditioning, electric turnover, electric window lifter and other configurations can ensure the driver's comfort and relaxation during long-distance driving.

X5000l is matched with the combination LCD instrument panel and can be equipped with a multi-function steering wheel, which can make the driver see the vehicle information more intuitively, so as to drive in the most efficient way.Shacman x5000l coal transportation for sale -Shacmansx

Golden power chain is fuel-saving and efficient

It is important for a heavy truck to be beautiful, comfortable and stable, but if it is only empty, with poor load-bearing, insufficient power and frequent failures, it is putting the cart before the horse. For the customers of coal transportation, the power and economy of vehicles are the primary factors they consider when selecting vehicles.

The working conditions of coal transportation are complex, covering the road conditions of plains, hills and mountains. How to ensure that the vehicles are in the best state when driving, especially when loading and unloading coal in rainy and snowy weather, the vehicles need to achieve better traffic capacity under the wet and non paved road, which will further test the dynamic performance of the vehicles.

In terms of power, Delong x5000l has launched a variety of power options for different vehicle scenarios. It is equipped with a customized Weichai WP13 engine, with 480 HP -530 HP versions. The power chain still adopts the golden power chain combination of "Weichai engine + hande axle". As a power product with large displacement and high horsepower launched for trunk logistics, the maximum torque of Weichai WP13 can reach 2400nm, and the maximum torque can be generated from 950 rpm, with faster acceleration and stronger climbing ability. Matching the transmission with high transmission efficiency and the rear axle with small speed ratio, the vehicle can easily have a higher running speed per hour to meet the use needs of the high efficiency industry.

This engine is also equipped with a long-term oil change technology. In combination with long-term engine oil, machine filter and other accessories, the engine can achieve an oil change cycle of 60000 km, effectively reducing the number of vehicle maintenance and improving the vehicle attendance.

Matched with it, the q12mo transmission can also be equipped with s12mo transmission. At the same time, s12mo can be equipped with fast hydraulic retarder, which can not only improve the braking safety, but also reduce the use frequency of the brake under long-distance ramp conditions, and at the same time, the tires will not produce too much hard wear. According to the driving conditions of coal transportation, this model is equipped with a 3.7 gold speed ratio rear axle, taking into account the requirements of fuel consumption and timeliness.

Make efficient logistics more reliable

Efficient transportation not only has to face the objective factors such as long-span transportation lines and changeable environment, but also has higher requirements for vehicle reliability than other transportation industries.

During the comprehensive handover of national six, many card users doubt the failure rate and maintenance effect of the service station in the post-processing of national six vehicles. In addition, at present, the oil and gas prices in the transportation market are rising, while the freight is still depressed, which greatly reduces the profits of card friends. In this context, the after-sales service policy of the main engine manufacturer is very important. If it can minimize the cost of vehicle maintenance, it is also a bonus when selecting and purchasing vehicles.

Shaanxi Automobile x5000l adopts customized development. The service life of B10 has reached 1.8 million km. The maintenance mileage has also been increased to 100000 km according to the current habits of domestic logistics vehicles. At the same time, AMT has also achieved 48 months of free maintenance and 60 months of extended warranty. During the warranty period, the assembly can be directly replaced after unpacking. For overtime maintenance, 1000 yuan will be compensated per day.

The wheel hub bearing unit adopts a 3-year or 500000 km long warranty, which is maintenance free for life. In the whole life cycle of the vehicle, it can reduce the time and money cost of inbound maintenance. "For logistics companies, this will save a lot of expenses and bring higher economic benefits."

In terms of service, Shaanxi Automobile heavy duty truck announced that "it will launch a lifelong warranty service plan, which can help users save more than 7000 yuan a year and comprehensively reduce the cost of maintaining cars throughout their life cycle".

Starting from March 1, 2022, as long as you buy a standard load tractor or truck that meets the national VI emission standard, you can enjoy lifetime warranty, free maintenance, lifetime free filter element and other service preferential policies.

The lifelong quality assurance service plan of Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck includes six contents: "lifelong cycle warranty", "lifelong free filter element", "lifelong free maintenance", "lifelong technical support", "lifelong driving training" and "lifelong intelligent control":

1. Lifetime cycle warranty: in case of parts failure caused by the product quality department for traction and cargo vehicles, if the original parts are replaced at the authorized service station of Shaanxi Automobile, the warranty period policy can be recalculated according to the specified duration of the original warranty period from the date of replacement;

2. Lifetime free filter element: the user shall go to the special service station of Shaanxi Automobile for regular maintenance of the vehicle, and enjoy the free oil filter element for life;

3. Lifetime free maintenance: when the key parts of the three major assemblies need to be replaced due to failure, they can enjoy free maintenance service regardless of warranty;

4. Lifelong technical support: when the operating conditions of vehicles change, Shaan auto will provide vehicle Upgrading Scheme for free.

5. Lifelong driving training: provide diversified driving training for life, including driving report, fuel consumption improvement suggestions, driving behavior analysis and improvement suggestions, fleet operation consulting and other services.

6. Lifelong intelligent control: provide vehicle management system for life, including intelligent control services such as vehicle fuel and gas consumption, mileage statistics, vehicle trajectory and positioning, fault diagnosis, service station query and navigation.

Among the users in the coal transportation market, Shaanxi Automobile Delong x5000l, which integrates various advantages such as strong power, light weight, low fuel consumption, safety and comfort, can well meet the complex and diverse working conditions and road conditions of coal, gravel and other transportation scenarios, help customers operate efficiently, and achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase.

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