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Introduction of Sprinkler truck

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The sprinkler is a special vehicle for efficient washing operations.It is suitable for washing operations in urban roads,highways,squares,and other places, as well as municipal and landscaping watering operations.Using the domestic first technology-flushing the road dust through a low level, and making it flow into the drainage pipe, to achieve the effect of cleaning and cooling.According to the tank volume, five specifications of 3.85 cubic meters, 6.42 cubic meters, 10.9 cubic meters,13.61 cubic meters, and 14.34 cubic meters can be selected.

1. Low-pressure flushing

By adopting a self-priming two-stage centrifugal pump, the water pump is powered by the chassis engine;

China’s first low-level flushing mode;

A variety of nozzles are suitable for various operation requirements;

2. Diversified functions SHACMAN L3000 Sprinkler 4×2-shacmansx

Standard configuration: rear high spray, low water level alarm, arrow lights at the rear of the vehicle, separate control switches for the left and right nozzles;

Optional configuration: stainless steel water pump, self-priming device, left and right side watering, automatic water cannon, low-pressure spray, low-pressure single point dredging, widened platform.

Street Sprinkler

It’s the highly-efficient special purpose vehicle for washing road.It is mainly use low-level and smooth water flow to wash the dust on the road, and bring it down into the drainage pipe to achieve a clean and cooling effect.This truck has multi-function operation modes to be suitable for sanitation, municipal, landscaping work.

High-pressure Sprinkler

This truck is the High-pressure Sprinkler. It is mainly use high-pressure water flow to wash the dust on the road, and wash the dust down into the drain to make the road clean.This truck has multi-function operation modes, high-pressure cleaning, force decontamination, water saving. It is the upgraded products of sprinkler, it can be widely used in sanitation, municipal, landscaping work.

BEV High-pressuer Sprinkler

In order to actively respond to the national new energy policy and meet the needs of new energy products in the market, is dedicated to creating the latest “pure electric cleaning vehicle”. The vehicle is equipped with front flushing, front sprinkling, rear sprinkling, left side flushing and right side flushing devices, which can realize the watering cooling and flushing of the pavement.It is suitable for sprinkling and cleaning operations on urban roads, highways, squares and port terminals.


The tank body is designed without skirts,the left and right side rails are made of aluminum alloy, and the vehicle is lightweight.It has independent high and low pressure waterway systems, adopts top-mounted motors to drive high-pressure water pumps, and chassis motors drive self-priming two-stage centrifugal pumps.The two waterway systems can be used alone or in combination to clean differently polluted roads.The front high-pressure cleaning device consists of three sections of cleaning racks.The high-pressure water curtain is a complete straight line during cleaning.The outreaching cleaning arm has self-obstacle avoidance function.With multi-angle single-point dredging, it is used to clear local dead corners of roads and wash off road fences.

It has the functions of front sprinkling, side flushing and rear sprinkling,and adopts nozzles with different characteristics before and after.The side flushing pressure is large; after sprinkling water is suitable for cooling and dust.Equipped with left-side columnar side impact and right-side column side impactdevice, the nozzle can be adjusted 360 ° left and right, up and down 360 °.

The whole vehicle is controlled by a pneumatic system. All air valves are installed inside the air control box, which can effectively isolate water and dust and extend the service life of the air valve. The control switch is located inside the cab, and all road work functions can be operated in the cab.

The rear worktable is equipped with a high water spray gun with auxiliary fire protection function.The high water spray gun can be adjusted into a column or a mist.The switch control valves and sprinkler system pipes are made of corrosion-resistant materials.The tank body is made of Q235B steel plate,and the inside is treated by a special process to prevent corrosion.The water tank is equipped with a low water level sensor alarm system,which can automatically alarm when the water level is low to prevent the water pump from being damaged due to lack of water .

Equipped with a pneumatic net antifreeze device to prevent damage to the sprinkler system components caused by residual water and icing in the water pipe in winter.Optional equipment:

1. Upper spray after optional equipment; 

2. Lower spray after optional equipment;

3. Optional sewer dredging device; 

4. Left and right side watering tube;

5. Optional rear operation indicator light;

6. Optional additional Wide platform; 

7. Single-point dredging device is optional; 

8. Automatic water cannon on the left side before optional;

9. Automatic water cannon on the right side before optional. Enrich the function of cleaning the car and realize one car for multiple purposes.

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