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Introduction to SHACMAN X3000 Tractor Truck 6x4

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Description of SHACMAN X3000 Tractor Truck 6x4

Transport   type:

Standard   Load transportation-commodity logistics

Logistics   type:

Food,   fruit, wood, household appliance and other goods



Max   weight(t)


Max speed(km/h):


Vehicle   model:

SX42554V324   / SX42554V324C


Lightweight   90 saddle Lightweight 90 saddle


3175+1400mm   / 3175+1400mm


(940-850)   X300

Front   axle:

MAN   7.5T

Rear   axle:

13T   STR3.7







SHACMAN X3000 has the same quality as European and American trucks.The X3000 series is a continuation of 46 years of technological innovation. It is a brand-new logistics transportation product.The X3000 series is the new standard with outstanding power and fuel economy,a spacious and comfortable interior and excellent safety.SHACMAN X3000 has the same quality as European and American trucks.SHAMCMAN X3000 is committed to creating a leader in high-end logistics and transportation.Outstanding performance in fuel economy,reliability, intelligence,safety and comfort.Fully meet the requirements of modern high-speed,high-horsepower logistics transportation,users say that the comfort and fuel economy are comparable to those of European and American trucks.

SHACMAN single axle tractor features SHACMAN X3000 Tractor Truck 6x4-SHACMAN

Shaanxi Automobile X3000 tractor is lightweight 6X4,10-wheel prime mover,lightweight,fuel-efficient,comfortable,cool,beautiful in appearance,and excellent in long-term transportation performance.


The X3000 series is the latest product.The vehicle range features many new innovations to improve performance,efficiency and comfort.

Dedicated engine MAP, two-cylinder unloading air compressor, throttle closing technology,optimized fan control logic.

  • New European-style cabin design, full CFD optimization,drag coefficient reduced to 0.53.

  • Intelligent electrical network architecture:Volvo Electric Design System.

  • Engine intake and cooling module,large intake section,larger intake volume,patented cooling system,low intake resistance

  •  MAN's new single-layer lightweight structure frame,formed by 6000T high-strength hydraulic press.

SHACMAN road tractor for semi-trailer is of excellent quality

Assembled with the world's top parts, it has the quality of European trucks.It is the first truck manufacturer in China to pass the European ECE-R29 standard heavy truck crash test.Vehicle attendance rate is 16.6% higher than competing products

1. Weichai high-power engine, AVL and BOSCH work together to create a golden power system.

2. Cummins high-power engine, the world's leading five-key system.

3. FAST 12-speed gearbox, unique dual-shaft main case structure, auxiliary case adopts fine pitch helical gear design.

4. Hande 7.5 ton axle and 13 ton maintenance-free 2.714 ratio single reduction axle

5. International famous brands - Williams pedal mechanism, imported ZF steering gear, Eaton clutch.

we'er built huge sales network in central Asia and Russia, treat every customer sincerely, with tenacity and stick to service every customer, layout with a diversification strategy to support our confidence in the central Asia market constancy.


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