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Mixer truck operation

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Mixer truck operation

1 Before starting, all parts of the mechanical system shall be carefully checked and can be started only after they are confirmed to be in good condition.

2 Before starting, put the mixing control lever in the "neutral" position.pre mix truck price - Shacmansx

3 After startup, put the mixing control lever at the "unloading" position to remove the accumulated water in the cylinder.

4 When loading, the mixing operating lever shall be placed at the "loading" position.

5 Before transportation, the discharge chute must be fixed at the "traveling" position to prevent swinging.

6 When operating the control lever, it should stay in the "neutral" position for a while before moving to the next position.

7 Do a good job in civilized construction, and the excess materials in the barrel are not allowed to be dumped randomly. After unloading, the mixing drum, material trough, idler and other parts must be cleaned.

8 When a person enters the cylinder to remove concrete caking, the vehicle shall be turned off, the switch key shall be removed, and a person shall be arranged outside the cylinder for supervision.

Mixer tank

It is very dangerous for the engine to overheat. Bad luck may destroy the engine. When driving at high speed on the highway or when the car climbs the slope, if the pointer of the water temperature gauge enters the red zone, stays high, or vibrates repeatedly in the red zone, emergency measures must be taken.

If the engine overheats on an ordinary highway, you should reduce the speed as soon as possible, drive the car under the shade of trees or to a relatively cool place, and stop the car. Open the engine hood, allow the engine to idle, and wait for the engine temperature to gradually return to normal. After the engine water temperature returns to normal, shut down the engine. Then wait for a period of time until the water temperature of the engine drops sufficiently, and then check the cooling water volume of the engine. At this time, the cooling water of the engine is seriously insufficient. Make up the cooling water according to the specified amount, and then check the cooling System. After confirming that there are no other faults, start the engine and continue driving.

If the engine overheats on the highway, you must immediately turn on all the warm air and open the windows. At this time, the compartment will be as hot as hell. Because the warm air helps the cooling water to dissipate heat, the cooling water temperature can be greatly reduced. In this way, you can continue to drive, find the nearest exit of the highway, and drive the car to a safe place to stop. Next, just follow the above method to reduce the engine temperature. Note: it is best not to park the car on the roadside to avoid affecting the traffic or being hit. The car must be parked in a safe place.

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