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More than 20 high-quality projects signed in the Economic Development Zone

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(Reporter He Tong) On May 10, the Fifth Silk Fair Xi'an Economic Development Zone Investment Promotion Meeting and Key Projects Signing Ceremony was held. More than 20 high-quality projects in the fields of automobile, new materials and new energy, high-end equipment manufacturing, electronic information, biomedicine and other industries were signed into the district.

In recent years, under the general requirement of accelerating the construction of a strong city of advanced manufacturing industry in Xi'an, Economic Development Zone has scientifically applied "investment banking thinking" in investment attraction work, combined attracting large and strong with extending and replenishing the chain, focused on high-end industries and industrial high-end, closely focused on "4+4+4 It focuses on high-end industries and industrial high-end, invites investment precisely around the "4+4+4" modern industrial system, and implements the "one-stop, two-port, three-wide" program enhancement service mode for investment projects, showing a steady trend of transformation and upgrading of advanced manufacturing industries and high-quality development of the region.

Pay more attention on the development of automobile, etc. 

In the modern industrial layout plan of Xi'an, it is clearly proposed to build an industrial space layout of "one core, three belts, one channel and many plates", in which it is clear that the advanced manufacturing industry belt is led by the Economic Development Zone, focusing on the development of automobile, high-end equipment, aviation industry and new energy and new material industry. Most of the 20 projects signed in the Economic Development Zone are based on the six pillar industries and six emerging industries that Xi'an is striving to develop, and they are also the strong support for the Economic Development Zone to speed up the construction of the demonstration area of the strong advanced manufacturing industry.

Silk Fair is the "arena" for the ability and effectiveness of investment attraction. In order to prepare for this signing activity, the opening area of the investment projects in the best selection, selected the most representative investment projects since this year focused on the debut.high-quality projects -Shacmansx

At present, the Economic Development Zone is grasping the opportunity of Xi'an's "northern span" development, promoting the city with production, integrating the city with production, comprehensively accelerating the planning and construction of the new high-speed railway city, Jingwei New City and Weibei New City, creating "a river and two banks" (the south bank of the Wei River, the north bank), "four districts and two parks", and "four districts and two parks". It will also create a spatial development pattern of "one river and two banks" (the south and north banks of the Wei River) and "four districts and two parks" (four regional blocks in the central city, high-speed railway new city, Jingwei new city and Weibei new city, and two functional parks in the comprehensive bonded zone and the pilot free trade zone), and serve as the main force in the development of Xi'an's "northern span" of the Wei River. After cooperating with Lintong District to build the Weibei New City, the development space of the Economic Development Zone has expanded from 122 square kilometers to 272 square kilometers, ushering in a new stage of development.

Since this year, the Development Zone has insisted on "taking the project as the hero of development", taking investment attraction and project construction as the main direction, accumulating strong momentum for high-quality development, establishing a communication mechanism between government and enterprises, providing various services for new production projects such as Shaanxi Automobile, Le Ye, Geely and Zong Bang, and escorting the development of enterprises.

The first-class business environment is the "golden signboard" for attracting investment in the Economic Development Zone. In order to make enterprises and talents willing to come, stay and develop, the opening area is the first in the city to implement the "comprehensive window acceptance", the implementation of shortage acceptance and "Internet + government services", 184 government service matters to achieve " The first to establish an unmanned 24-hour park intelligent government service station, the construction of the district government hall, the park intelligent service station, the community service station trinity of government services system; the first to achieve the "land is to get a certificate".

In addition, the Economic Development Zone takes the opportunity to welcome the 14th Olympic Games, create a civilized city and other key work, build a beautiful and livable, harmonious and good governance of the city sample, and constantly improve the "15-minute convenient service circle", providing comprehensive protection from talent settlement, children's education, health care and other dimensions, to create a beautiful home for entrepreneurs to invest in business and citizens to live and work in peace and happiness. 

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