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These are related to the custom tractor trucks news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in custom tractor trucks and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand custom tractor trucks market.
  • Shaanxi Auto ultra-powerful truck chassis declaration


    Shaanxi Auto's first declaration of ultra-powerful truck chassis becomes the highlight of China's truck industry! Read More
  • 560hp Shaanxi Auto X6000 being launched on September


    Shaanxi Auto Delong X6000 family will add another new member! 560hp Shaanxi Auto X6000 will be launched on September! Read More
  • How does Shaanxi Auto advance against the trend in self-transcendence?


    Shaanxi Auto has also built the Tianxingjian Telematics Platform, which opens up relevant data for the company's internal Automotive Engineering Research Institute and also opens a free fleet management system for Shaanxi Auto users, forming a comprehensive solution of "vehicle + Telematics" to enhance the competitive advantage of differentiation. Read More
  • Best Shaanxi auto be number one in truck sales in Russia


    Russia has strengthened its retaliatory sanctions initiatives in the face of EU and US sanctions, banning imports of cars and other products from Europe and the US. Of course, this will give Chinese truck companies a good chance to enter this market. But many truck users feel that if domestic heavy trucks are placed in the fighting nation, is it unbeatable? Wouldn't anyone buy them at all? Read More
  • What high technology does Auto X6000self-driving heavy truck have?


    A heavy truck tractor can automatically identify pedestrians and brake automatically during driving, and automatically identify the route and turn independently. Read More
  • Shacman core advantages


    Shacman: technology leader-Strong durability,mature operation. The German MAN whole vehicle technology, light weight design, beautiful and comfortable, stable and reliable, leading the European standard. Read More
  • Shacman: company profile


    Shaanxi Hexin Shenghua Trading Co., LtdShaanxi Hexin Shenghua Trading Co., Ltd. was established in 2019. The company has independent import and export rights and is mainly engaged in import and export business. Read More
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