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Operating procedures of dump truck

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Operating procedures of dump truck

Precautions during driving

Article 1: start the dump truck:

Under the condition of ensuring normal oil and water in each part

1. Put the gear selector handle in neutral, the "parking brake" control button must be in the braking position, i.e. "vertical position", and the lifting handle must be in the "floating" position

2. When the ambient temperature is lower than 5 degrees above zero, use the starting preheater to heat the engine coolingtractor trailer dump truck for sale - Shacmansx system, and use the electric heater to heat the fuel to reach the specified temperature of the engine.

3. Disconnect the starting preheater and the electric fuel heater (if already connected).

4. Fully insert the key into the ignition switch. After the engine is started, release the ignition key to return to the initial position. It is forbidden to start and operate for more than 30 seconds, and there should be at least two minutes of cooling time between two starts.

5. The system alarm light should be off. Only the light indicating the operation of the parking brake system should be on.

6. Control the throttle to increase the crankshaft speed to avoid blockage of the fuel injection nozzle, and let the engine idle at about 1000 rpm for heating for 3-5 minutes Continuous operation at low speed (more than 10 minutes) will cause blockage of fuel injection nozzle and coking of piston ring.

Article 2: the following items must be observed when the vehicle is running

1. Starting, acceleration and operation of dump truck:

Adjust the minimum stable speed of the engine crankshaft. To do this, release the accelerator pedal and place the fuel supply control handle in the initial position.

2. Before starting the vehicle, set the engine speed at 1000 rpm and check the oil pressure alarm signal lamp. It should not be on. If this light is on, stop the machine for inspection

3. Whistle, smooth acceleration, car starting application I gear; The engine speed should be at idle speed (700 RPM). If the vehicle is empty, flat or heavy and goes downhill, you can also use gear II to start, but the engine speed should not be too high. Shift gears step by step and do not skip gears

4. When the vehicle is running, always check the oil pressure of hydraulic transmission, which shall be consistent with the specified oil pressure. If the difference between the fifth gear oil pressure and the neutral oil pressure exceeds 1. 5kg / cm2, indicating that the mechanism fails and should be shut down for inspection. (1psi=0。0703㎏/ cm2 )

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