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Other Types of Crane machine 2

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Reachstackers are vehicles used to handle intermodal cargo containers in small terminals or medium-sized ports.Reachstackers are able to transport containers over short distances very quickly and stack them in different rows depending on their entry.

All terrain

All-terrain cranes are a hybrid that combine the on-road performance of truck-mounted cranes with the on-site mobility of rough-terrain cranes.It can travel at high speeds on public roads or maneuver over rough terrain on the job site using all-wheel and crab steer.ATs have 2–12 axles and are designed to lift loads up to 2,000 tons (2,205 short tons; 1,968 long tons).

Pick and carry

Pick-up cranes are similar to mobile cranes and are designed to travel on public roads;however, pick-up cranes have no stabilizing legs or outriggers and are designed to lift a load and carry it to a destination within a small radius,then Ability to drive to the next job. Pick-up and handling cranes are popular in Australia because of the long distances between job sites.Franna was one of Australia's most popular manufacturers before it was acquired by Terex and all pick load cranes are now commonly referred to as 'Frannas' although they may be made by other manufacturers.Almost every medium to large crane company in Australia owns at least one, and many have fleets of these cranes.Maximum lift capacities range from 10 to 40 tons (9.8 to 39.4 long tons;11 to 44 short tons), although this range is much smaller as the load moves further from the front of the crane.Since the installation time is much faster,the gondola crane replaces the work usually done by a small truck crane.Many steel fabrication yards also use cranes because they can "walk" the prefabricated steel and place it where it is needed with relative ease.

Sidelifter Crane machine

A side crane is a road truck or semi-trailer capable of lifting and transporting ISO standard containers.Container lifts are accomplished with crane-like parallel cranes that lift containers from the ground or from rail vehicles.

Carrier deck

A carrier deck crane is a small 4-wheeled crane with a 360-degree rotating boom in the middle and a cab at the end below the boom. The rear houses the engine,and the area above the wheels is a flat deck.The Carry Deck is an American invention that allows a load to be hoisted in a confined space loaded into the bridge or deck space around the engine, and subsequently moved to another location.The Carry Deck principle is the American version of the pick-and-carry crane, both allow the crane to move loads over short distances.

Telescopic handler

A telehandler is a forklift-like truck that has a set of forks mounted on a telescopic boom like a crane.Early telehandlers could only lift in one direction and would not rotate;however, some manufacturers have designed telehandlers that can rotate 360 degrees via a turntable,and these machines look almost identical to rough terrain cranes.These new 360-degree telehandler/crane models have outriggers or stabilizer legs that must be lowered before lifting; however, their design has been simplified so that they can be deployed more quickly.Commonly used to move bricks and install frame trusses on many new construction sites, these machines have eroded much of the work done by small telescopic truck cranes.Telehandlers are purchased by many armed forces around the world, some of which are more expensive full-swivel models.Their off-road capability and on-site versatility to use forks to unload pallets or lift like a crane make them valuable machinery.


Dry bulk or container cranes are usually located in the Gulf or inland waterways.

Travel elevator

A travel hoist (also known as a marine gantry crane or marine crane) is a crane with two rectangular side plates connected by a single span beam at the top of one end.The crane is mobile and has four sets of steerable wheels, one at each corner.These cranes allow vessels with masts or tall structures to be removed from the water and transported on or around the docks.Not to be confused with a mechanical device used to transfer a boat between two water levels, also called a boat lift


Railroad cranes have flanged wheels for railroads.In its simplest form,the crane is mounted on a flatbed.More powerful devices are purpose built.Different types of cranes are used for maintenance work, recovery operations and cargo loading in yards and waste handling facilities.

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