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Overview of Shaanxi DDL 8x4 lightweight concrete mixer

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Shaanxi Auto Delong lightweight mixer truck with Weichai 340hp engine, 7.47 litres of fuel consumption per 100km.

The mixer truck is one of the most used models on construction sites, but now China's traffic rules strictly prohibit overweight, for many mixer truck drivers is very annoying, pulling less is not profitable, pulling more is fined.

Since the mixer truck is overloaded, in order to meet the needs of users, then the mixer truck manufacturers and chassis manufacturers have made great changes in this piece, all mixer truck manufacturers are actively producing lightweight concrete mixer trucks, today we give you a Shaanxi Auto Delong front four rear eight lightweight concrete mixer truck.Shaanxi DDL 8x4 lightweight concrete mixer for sale -Shacmansx

Shaanxiqi lightweight mixer truck appearance

The appearance of the cab is secondary to the use of the truck. We look at the top, Chengli mixer tank body painting compared to the previous has a substantial improvement, is no longer so single as before, now the tank body colour matching and pattern matching are more look.

The quality of the mixer truck installed a mixer truck sales, from the appearance to quality is indispensable, in the lightweight mixer truck body can be clearly seen, in the quality of a substantial improvement, the tank body and blade are all made of high-strength alloy, in order to prevent the mixer truck tank in the long-term wind and rain do not rust, paint specifically to do anti-rust paint and metal paint.

Shaanxi Auto lightweight mixer truck configuration

This Shaanxi Auto Delong front four and rear eight lightweight concrete mixer is equipped with Weichai 340hp engine (WP7.340E53) with a maximum output of 253kw and fuel consumption of 7.47L per 100km, the advantage of this engine is that it has strong power and the vehicle can go uphill without pressure when fully loaded.

It is matched with a Faster 10-speed gearbox (model: 10JSD140). The Faster gearbox is indeed very technically superior, but the Faster gearbox always has the sound of gears fighting with each other when changing gears, which is more likely to damage the gears.

The rear axle is a MAN 11.5T single-stage axle with a single-stage reducer that is (commonly known as a basin-angle gear). The active vertebral gear is connected to the drive shaft and rotates clockwise, while the driven bevel gear is affixed to its right side and the meshing point rotates downwards in the same direction as the wheel advance. As the diameter of the active bevel gear is small and the diameter of the driven bevel gear is large, the function of deceleration is achieved.

Summary: This Shaanxi Auto mixer truck can be said to be a perfect match in terms of configuration, but some of the minor problems every car will have, which is inevitable, as long as they like to be satisfied with the configuration and quality of this car on the line.

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