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Shaanxi Auto De Long F3000 FWD tractor exported to Guinea

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Good news: Shaanxi Auto De Long F3000 FWD tractor exported to Guinea.

6x6 drive with crane Shaanxiqi De Long F3000 FWD tractor exported to Guinea is rare.

As an important brand of Chinese heavy trucks exported to African countries, Shaanxi Auto Heavy Truck sells more than 10,000 trucks to overseas markets every year. And these models are tailor-made products to adapt to local use, which are naturally difficult to see domestically. This is not in the port, we saw a 6x6 Delong F3000 tractor, all-wheel drive tractor is not unusual, rare is it comes with a crane.De Long F3000 FWD tractor for sale -Shacmansx

Delong F3000 shacman overview

Delong F3000 as the replacement of the F2000, officially introduced to the market in 2009. Although the F3000 has been replaced by the X3000 in the domestic heavy truck market, it is still an important model for export. For example, this F3000 exported to Guinea adopts the familiar engineering version of flat roof with sleeper cab, which has very high ground clearance and is suitable for field operation.

The 420 by the door indicates that it is equipped with Xi'an Cummins ISM11 engine, with a maximum output of 420 hp and a maximum torque of 2000 Nm. This engine is also one of the tried and tested models in the Cummins series. The export model adopts the Euro 3 emission standard and does not need to add urea, while the exhaust gas treatment system is also smaller.

If you bend down a little, you will see the big red Cummins engine. In the front of the oil pan, Shaanxi Auto has installed an extra protection plate to prevent bumping. At the same time, the front axle with stabilizer bar can be seen clearly from this angle.

The whole vehicle adopts the wheel-rim reduction axle produced by Handel with German MAN technology, and is equipped with 12.00R20 off-road pattern tires.

At the rear of the cab, the XCMG SQ12ZK3Q folding boom crane produced by XCMG is installed. This crane has a maximum lifting capacity of 12 tons and can realize 360 degree full rotation operation. And it is because of the addition of this crane, making the vehicle weight increased to 14 tons.

Considering the overloaded working conditions in African countries, Shaanxi Auto Delong F3000 6x6 tractor adopts heavy-duty configuration, and light weight is not feasible here. Double-layered beams and multiple leaf springs are common choices for domestic construction vehicles.

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