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Shaanxi auto De Long X6000: good choice for heavy truck

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Delong X6000 wins customers' trust with its excellent performance. On the road to common prosperity, buy Shaanxi Automobile Heavy Duty Truck De Long X6000.

If you were given a chance to choose a heavy truck, what factors would you care about? Power, configuration, performance, after-sales service, cost of use? In fact, in our opinion, every single one of its factors is important.

Is there a model that does all of these things quite well? There really is, and it is the Shaanxi DDL X6000.

On 17 September, in Dazu, Chongqing, a "Super Test Track" user experience event with the theme of "Harnessing the World - Wisdom is Extraordinary" was launched. The event was created by Shaanxi Heavy Truck and China Automotive Research Institute. As the culmination of a generation of Shaanxi Automobile's craftsmen, the Delong X6000 fully demonstrates its image as a model of the industry, from its appearance and configuration, product performance to intelligent driving.

Xiong Wei, head of the X6000 project team of Shaanxi Heavy Duty Truck Sales Company, said on the spot that heavy truck transportation, as the core driving force supporting the development of the logistics industry moving forward, is bound to be constantly innovated and explored. In a heavy truck market with rapid product iterations, the Delong X6000 will definitely set a model of high-end quality in the industry. With a new definition, it is fully empowered and will fully lead the vane of China's high-end heavy truck market.

Mr. Wang Shenghua, Deputy General Manager of CTRC Dazu Test Base, said that CTRC, as a national first-class scientific research institute, is an important base and technical support institution for product development, testing and research, and quality inspection in China's automotive industry, and has a close relationship with heavy-duty trucks.lorry crane truck supplier -Shacmansx

Before the event was launched, China Automotive Research Institute (CARI), a national professional testing institute, had conducted professional tests on the Delong X6000. Starting from the four major dimensions of safety, intelligence, fuel efficiency and comfort, the six categories and nine items were used to show users the innovative features of the DDL X6000 in a visual form. Zhou Yinzhao, Deputy General Manager of Shaanxi Heavy Duty Truck, together with Wang Shenghua, Deputy General Manager of the China Automobile Research Institute Dazu Test Base, and other guests, opened the Shaanxi Heavy Duty Truck Delong X6000 Super Test Track event. This event, which showed the excellent performance of the X6000, brought the customers closer to the X6000.

Shaanxi heavy truck Delong X6000 with high security performance

In the video shown at the event, we can see that Shaanxi Truck's De Long X6000 has been tested for safety and performance on the test track and passed the test successfully. This also shows the outstanding product power of the X6000.

We all know that driving safety is very important for heavy trucks, what are the major measures used by Shaanxi Auto's De Long X6000 to ensure the safety of the vehicle? We interviewed Xiong Wei, the X6000 project team leader of Shaanxi Heavy Duty Truck Sales Company, on site. Xiong Wei said that through the video presentation on site, we can see that the De Long X6000 has successfully passed a series of stringent safety tests with outstanding performance. It has achieved the result of the shortest braking distance and highest safety in the industry for heavy trucks through technologies such as braking synergy and handling stability control. In terms of safety features, the Delong X6000 is equipped with many active and passive safety features such as lane departure warning system, anti-collision system, 360-degree imaging system and fatigue driving monitoring system to protect the safety of drivers and passengers. It has even passed the latest stringent EU vehicle collision regulations, which is enough to give users peace of mind.

At the event, a total of 7 user experience tests were set up in 4 categories. The event site was divided into two main venues, the Experience Zone and the Observation Zone. Two test cars were used for driving experience to experience the extraordinary intelligence and comfort of the X6000. The observation experience area consists of the FVCW front vehicle discrimination test and the LDW cornering deviation test. Users were able to observe the FVCW and LDW functions of the X6000 and experience the safety and intelligence innovations of the X6000 up close.

In terms of automatic driving, Shaanxi Auto is also at the forefront of the industry. According to Xiong Wei, with the help of intelligent Internet of Things technology, the Delong X6000 has a self-developed intelligent driving platform and the first automatic driving test licence for heavy trucks in China, with automatic driving reaching L2, L3 and L4 levels, and is a product that can truly achieve intelligent piloting of operational vehicles all the way. At present, the products delivered to customers can all reach the L2 level of automatic driving, which can play a great role in reducing the fatigue of long-distance driving and reducing and preventing accidents for the majority of drivers.

As the leading vehicle manufacturer in the industry, Shaanxi Auto Heavy Truck has brought more customers closer to Shaanxi Auto through this event. This move not only expands the brand influence of Shaanxi Auto, but also deepens the trust of existing customers in Shaanxi Auto brand, so that more people will choose Shaanxi Auto heavy trucks and trust them.

It is reported that this offline experience activity started from the China Automotive Engineering Research Institute Dazu test base, and will go to Xi'an, Shijiazhuang, Xuzhou, Hangzhou and other cities in the future, so that more customers across the country can experience the superb product power of the Delong X6000!

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