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Shaanxi auto electricity exchange heavy truck debuts at the first pv direct supply exchange station in China

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The reporter learned from Shaanxi Automobile Group that the "Green Transportation (Logistics) Demonstration Project for Electricity Exchange Heavy Trucks" of the National Energy Group Ningxia Electric Power Co. In this demonstration project, Shaanxi Auto has developed an overall solution for green transportation and logistics for the customers, including UNEED Qiyuan Core Power, Ningxia Qiyuan Zongwei and Shaanxi Ronghe Green Power.H3000 6X4 300 cost -Shacmansx

Overview of Electricity Exchange Heavy Truck Green Transportation Demonstration Project

It is understood that the "Electricity Exchange Heavy Truck Green Transportation (Logistics) Demonstration Project" is the first direct photovoltaic power exchange station in the country, which can serve 100 units of electricity exchange heavy trucks, and the vehicles can realize fully automatic energy replenishment within 3-5 minutes. Shaanxi Auto Delong's power-exchange heavy truck is highly recognized by customers for its energy-saving, safety, reliability and intelligence advantages, and has been identified as the first batch of 80 demonstration vehicles for this project.

Under the guidance of the national "double carbon" goal, Shaanxi Auto firmly implements the new development concept, unites with industrial chain partners to layout the new energy heavy truck market, accurately grasps the market trend, provides high-quality products and attentive services with the customer as the center, and contributes to the unswerving ecological priority and green low-carbon development road, and strives to promote the comprehensive green economic and social development. We will contribute to the transformation of Shaanxi Auto.

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