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Shaanxi Auto heavy truck development introduction in recent years

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Shaanxi Auto heavy truck embraces change and faces a new era.

No technology is not the future, Shaanxi Auto heavy truck consolidates internal strength.

Development of Shaanxi Auto heavy truck

As a veteran heavy truck company in China, Shaanxi Auto Heavy Truck, which has a golden industry chain combination of Weichai Power, Faster Transmission and Hand Axle, is recognized as the best power chain in the industry for its achievements and results achieved over the years.

Recently, in the first half of 2018, Shaanxi Auto produced a total of 102,300 vehicles, up 8.08% year-on-year; sold 102,600 vehicles, up 9.52% year-on-year; achieved a total industrial output value of 40.2 billion yuan, up 12.4% year-on-year; sales revenue of 39.5 billion yuan, up 25% year-on-year, exceeding the "double over half" target set at the beginning of the year "The company exceeded the target set at the beginning of the year. Such performance allows Shaanxi Auto to achieve domestic sales of civilian products continue to maintain the industry's third, to achieve the dump, 550 horsepower, natural gas vehicles, port tractors, urban construction and other markets "five first" good results.shacman f3000 dump truck company -Shacmansx

In the mid-year meeting just held, Shaanxi Auto made a high-profile appearance of five proprietary technologies, including super power technology, super fuel-saving technology, super light weight technology, joint braking technology and flexible shift technology. The breakthroughs in each of these technologies represent Shaanxi Auto's value upgrades that are always based on customer needs.

As a force in the heavy truck industry, in the face of the deep integration of logistics and "Internet+", Shaanxi Auto strives to seize the opportunity of the development of the Internet economy through change, development, integration and innovation to adapt to the development mode of the Internet economy, strengthen cooperation with platform customers, continuously explore and meet the customized needs of platform customers, and continuously explore the cooperation with platform customers. By strengthening the cooperation with platform customers, continuously exploring the cooperation mode with platform customers, and promoting win-win cooperation in the future.

For all enterprises on the road to gold, opportunities are equal, and whether or not they can seize them depends not on luck, but on the hard strength, power of change and collaborative ability to realize the luck. We will always grasp the market opportunities scientifically and drive innovation to the high-end.

Adhering to the goal-oriented, Shaanxi Auto heavy truck is always charging forward

The industry should compete or not, it must compete. Without competition, Shaanxi Auto will not be here today; without competition, the world's largest commercial vehicle group will not be born in China in the future. Only companies that advocate competition can survive in the process of washing away the sand, and only companies that advocate competition can quickly adapt to the changes of the new era and make positive responses.

But respect for competition is not vicious competition, low price to grab the market has no future. The last source of profit for any company is not the scale, but the technology. Market share does not mean profit. In this era, it is not the big enterprises that win, but the good enterprises that succeed.

In the past two years, Shaanxi Auto's operating indexes have grown significantly and have constantly set new best levels in Shaanxi Auto's history. In 2018, Shaanxi officially released its 2035 strategy, including the first phase, from 2018 to 2020, in about three years, to achieve the goal of 100 billion Shaanxi and complete the development tasks of the 13th Five-Year Plan. In the second phase, from 2020 to 2025, in about five years, the military business will achieve series development, the international market sales ratio will reach more than 30%, the heavy truck business will enter the forefront of the global industry, the full series of commercial vehicle business will enter the forefront of the domestic industry, and the Group's sales revenue will exceed 150 billion RMB. 

In the third stage, from 2025 to 2035, in about 10 years, the whole series of commercial vehicle business of Shaanxi Auto will reach the international leading level, the new energy passenger vehicle business will become an important force in the industry, and the sales revenue of the Group will exceed RMB 200 billion. Obviously, for the next 18 years, Shaanxi Auto has made clear the direction of the charge for the overall goal, development model, spatial pattern, development tasks and realization path.

In 2018, as the first year of Shaanxi Auto's "2035" strategy, it is also the key year for 50 years of soul-building and dreaming. In the face of the complex development situation, Shaanxi Auto always adheres to the goal-oriented approach, and while continuously strengthening its advantageous markets, it rapidly improves its shortcomings; while continuously refining its existing business, it innovates its thinking and creates new marketing models. With continuous transformation to ensure the balanced development of marketing business; with key breakthroughs to stimulate the market potential of marketing work; it is clear that today's Shaanxi Heavy Truck is not just a "good-looking" figure, but always in the charge of Shaanxi Auto people have their own steady pace.

In order to run fast, external force is not the best strategy! But in the long run, the core drive of the enterprise is the source of power. As one of the leaders and technicalists in China's heavy truck industry, Shaanxi Auto Heavy Truck understands the power of cooperation, but always maintains the posture of a striker, constantly sprinting, constantly breaking through, constantly innovating, and the future is promising!

we'er built huge sales network in central Asia and Russia, treat every customer sincerely, with tenacity and stick to service every customer, layout with a diversification strategy to support our confidence in the central Asia market constancy.


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