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Shaanxi auto Shacman heavy duty truck exported to Bolivia receives a lot of praise

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Bolivia is world-famous for its charming "mirror in the sky", which is the largest salt marsh in the world. The country is dominated by highland terrain, with an average altitude of over 3,000 meters, the highest in the world. In addition, Bolivia is also rich in natural resources and is known as the "donkey sitting on a gold mine".

Shaanxi auto SHACMAN heavy truck dump truck trailer exported to Bolivia 

Bolivia's domestic traffic is mainly road transport, which accounts for more than 85% of transportation. And SHACMAN trucks are definitely a colorful piece of Bolivian transportation and infrastructure industry.Shaanxi Auto SHACMAN Heavy Truck supplier -Shacmansx

Mr. Sergio, who is in charge of a local engineering company, needs to transport the sand and gravel from the river bank to the construction site tens of kilometers away. We are using SHACMAN F3000 dump trucks with Cummins 345 hp engines for reliability and durability. These trucks have high low-speed torque, good fuel economy, strong power, low working noise and easy handling. At the same time, its matching Foster transmission is also a star brand in the international market, which is trustworthy. The soft mud and sand of the river bank and the undulating road surface put forward hard requirements on the overall performance and powertrain of the vehicle, and the stability of the chassis directly determines the operational safety of our drivers and the attendance of the vehicle. The stability of the chassis directly determines the safety of our drivers and the attendance of our vehicles. So far, it seems that the SHACMAN trucks are fully capable of handling such working environment."

Mr. Sergio with Shaanxi Auto SHACMAN heavy truck

Mr. Sergio said that the overall performance of SHACMAN vehicles is reliable and can effectively ensure the continuity of transportation operations. He will continue to purchase SHACMAN trucks according to the needs of the project. "We heard that hundreds of SHACMAN trucks are being used for the construction of the Two Saints Highway (San Borja-San Ignacio de Moxos Highway Project in Bolivia), and our assistant went to the construction site for a visit. The construction site was in a harsh environment, passing through the Amazon rainforest, hot and rainy, and sparsely populated, but a large number of SHACMAN trucks were still working night and day, and flowing back and forth. Then we decided to purchase a few SHACMAN dump trucks to test the waters. After a period of time, the working condition of this batch of vehicles is really satisfactory, and I think we will purchase more SHACMAN trucks as the work requires."Shaanxi Auto SHACMAN Heavy Truck company -Shacmansx

It seems that Shaanxi Auto heavy trucks not only perform well at home but also abroad. It is understood that Shaanxi Auto SHACMAN heavy trucks have been exported to many countries and have won unanimous praise. I believe that in the future, Shaanxi Auto SHACMAN heavy trucks will enter more countries with strength and show Shaanxi Auto's style.

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