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Shaanxi automobile heavy duty truck follows digital times transformation

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Shaanxi Automobile Heavy Duty Truck digital transformation, sales growth of more than 30% against the trend, each marketing campaign participation of more than 250,000 people, how did this company do it?

With the loss of the traffic dividend gone, the era of stock has arrived. In order to adapt to the new environmental changes, the commercial vehicle market continues to explore, and eventually digital marketing and user operation as one of the layout priorities.

Hard hit by the impact of the epidemic

The new epidemic has had a dramatic impact on many industries, especially automotive aftermarket companies. According to the "Post-Epidemic Vehicle Market 2020" insight report, in the first quarter of 2020, the commercial vehicle market sold a total of 794,100 units, down 28% year-on-year and 315,600 units less than the same period last year, less than 3/4 of the cumulative sales in the first quarter of last year. Although the drop in the current month has narrowed compared to the previous February (-33%), the automotive aftermarket is still facing a severe test under the impact of the post-epidemic era.

The ability to survive the epidemic and survive the fierce competition and slowing growth in the automotive aftermarket has put more stringent requirements on the management level of companies.commercial dump truck supplier -Shacmansx

Better cost control, more refined management and more sticky marketing reach not only help companies tap deeper into the depth of consumption among the stock of consumers, but have become the "must-go" for competition in the automotive aftermarket.

As one of the top 500 companies in China and one of the top 10 brands of heavy-duty trucks, Shaanxi Auto has successfully transformed its digital marketing to increase its parts sales by more than 30%, and its single marketing campaign has driven more than 250,000 consumers to participate.

How did Shaanxi Heavy Truck manage to successfully transform itself into a digital intelligence company and lead the automotive aftermarket?

Insight and stability

Pain Point 1: Difficult supplier management As a leading domestic heavy truck brand, Shaanxi Auto has a large number of suppliers and a relatively complex management system. Shaanxi Auto's heavy trucks are produced in multiple batches and in a mixed production line. During the production and delivery process, it often faces problems such as low information sharing and delayed information transmission, which affects production efficiency.

In this regard, Shaanxi Auto Heavy Truck and Chia Technology, a professional digital marketing service provider in the industry, have reached a cooperation, through the two companies to communicate and sort out the business in depth, and finally formed a complete set of solutions:

1. the integration of its own supply chain system with the one-thing-one-code system, the assignment of codes and labels to goods, the synchronization of the entire product inventory in the process of parts generation, real-time control of goods in and out of the warehouse data, through digital management of suppliers, to improve production efficiency.

2. The whole chain of goods traceability system helps Shaanxi Auto to realize the whole chain tracking from factory production, in-transit transportation, channel inventory to terminal consumption, and completely open up the goods chain.

Pain Point 2: Difficult to reach users Under the traditional channel model, offline repair shops directly affect consumers' perception of the brand, and vehicle owners first contact the service provider and then the product.

Under the new retail trend, with Chia Technology's digital marketing solutions, Shaanxi Auto Heavy Truck is able to directly face customers, sink marketing activities to the consumer side, and return marketing big data to the brand side, thus realizing the privatization of user data. If automotive aftermarket brands used to be more of a channel, they can now start to land on brand building through digital transformation.

Consumers can simply scan the code on their mobile phones to participate in marketing activities such as membership points and red packet lucky draws, thus realising the connection from offline to online. With the "one code, two sweeps", both consumers and shop mechanics can receive red packet rewards, promoting sales and fostering consumer loyalty. The mechanics in the offline shops are very proactive in recommending Shaanxi Auto parts to consumers and trying their best to make deals.

Fast digital transformation and 30% sales growth

With the help of the code marketing campaign, Shaanxi Auto Heavy Truck has launched more than 3,000 products, and has achieved a full range of products in and out of the warehouse through all channels and codes. At the same time, by incorporating the red packet lottery into the product security label, the "four-in-one" approach of product ID, logistics ID, product security and red packet lottery was adopted, bringing new opportunities for accessories sales market development.

In just six months after the successful launch of the code sweeper, sales of accessories have soared, with sales of code sweeper products increasing by over 30% and the number of people following each red packet marketing campaign exceeding 250,000.

Through analysis of user data, Shaanxi Auto can also provide more accurate data statistics and detailed data analysis from multiple angles on user profiles, channel effects, regional distribution of code sweeping, national product sales and storage inventory in the marketing process, providing data support services and optimisation solutions for production.

Automotive aftermarket keep up with the times and do not fall behind

The digital transformation of enterprises has become an inevitable trend, as a new way of life based on information technology in modern society. In the digital environment, the way of production, communication, thinking and even behaviour have undergone radical changes.

The system gives each part a unique QR code and connects all existing systems and platforms of the company, so that after-sales parts can realize a comprehensive management system integrating brand protection, channel control, consumer loyalty management and product marketing activities, helping Shaanxi Auto to complete the digitalization of its industrial chain. The company has become a pioneer in breaking the mould of the times.

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