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Shaanxi automobile heavy truck new energy vehicle

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Shaanxi plans "10,000 hydrogen vehicles and 100 stations": why "unique scenario"?

When the world is engaged in electric vehicles, Japan's bet on hydrogen energy vehicles has been questioned as the wrong track, and once made people speculate where hydrogen energy will be used in the end?

On August 15, Shaanxi Province Hydrogen Energy Industry Innovation and Development Promotion Conference was held, and three important documents were released on the spot, namely "Shaanxi Province's Fourteenth Five-Year Plan for Hydrogen Energy Industry Development", "Shaanxi Province's Three-Year Action Plan for Hydrogen Energy Industry Development (2022-2024)", and "Shaanxi Province's Policies and Measures for Promoting Hydrogen Energy Industry Development The two contrasts are what we have today.

Hydrogen energy vehicles background

What is the background? Who is doing it?shacman h3000 cost -Shacmansx

Where is the hydrogen coming from?

This is the first question we amateurs have to ask. The Plan shows the answer: we are currently developing "blue hydrogen" and actively reserving "green hydrogen".

The first is "industrial hydrogen by-products which are currently in the mainstream". (Blue Hydrogen)

The so-called "industrial by-product hydrogen" refers to the hydrogen generated by the existing industry in the process of producing the target products. Hydrogen can be recovered.

The second is "green hydrogen in the ultimate direction of the future". (Green hydrogen)

The "green hydrogen" is produced by electrolysis of water from renewable energy sources (hydroelectricity, photovoltaic, etc.) and is considered as the ultimate goal. However, the direct and indirect hydrogen production technologies from renewable energy sources cannot be used in large-scale industrial applications at this stage due to the constraints of resource distribution and geography, as well as storage and long-distance transportation.

We need to emphasize that the counterpart of "green hydrogen" is "grey hydrogen", which is produced by burning fossil fuels, and although it generates carbon dioxide emissions, the vast majority of hydrogen energy extracted by humans is grey hydrogen, accounting for about 95% of global hydrogen energy production. This allows us to judge that "industrial by-product hydrogen" and "green hydrogen" are one near and one far, in a gradual substitution pattern.

So, now we have to look at the bottom of "Shaanxi hydrogen".

According to the Plan, Shaanxi has over 2 million tons/year of hydrogen by-products from chemical industry, about 200,000 tons/year of high quality hydrogen by-products, and the cost of hydrogen for end-use within two hundred kilometers is less than 35 yuan/kg. At the same time, it is expected that by the end of the 14th Five-Year Plan, the installed capacity of wind power and photovoltaic power generation in the province will reach about 60 million kilowatts, and the potential capacity of green hydrogen will be about 80,000 tons/year.

How to see this data in Shaanxi?

It is definitely not "small".

On the basis of this, we can also understand why hydrogen energy will be included in 23 key industrial chains in 2021.

With the macro and meso understanding, we are surprised to see that we have inadvertently recorded many cases of "Shaanxi's hydrogen trial".

For example, in the article "True Love: Li Zhengguo Li Hualun's 300 million to promote "Longy into hydrogen"? In the article, we mentioned that Longi (601012) cooperated with the private equity giant Zhuque Investment to enter the hydrogen energy business, using "photovoltaic to make hydrogen", registered in Xi'an High-tech.

Hydrogen production from photovoltaic

As in the article "The State Council State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission "Files": Baoji's "Hydrogen" Change Behind Baoguang's Hybrid Reform", Baoguang (600379) started "Hydrogen Hybrid Reform Project" to accelerate its In the article, Baoguang (600379) launched the "hydrogen hybrid project" to accelerate its gas business to focus on the segment of "hydrogen energy + energy storage".

Also in Shaangu Power (601369), in March 2021, signed a demonstration project of hydrogen energy development and utilization project of HISCO Zhang Xuangaoke, etc.

Combining this information, we can conclude that a better foundation and corporate foresight constitute the main reason for the addition of documents such as the Plan.

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