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Shaanxi automobile heavy truck to implement "remote SQE"

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Liang Fengtai helps Shaanxi Automobile Heavy Truck to implement "Remote SQE" and open a new way of working for supplier management!

Shaanxi heavy truck accelerates AL change

Shaanxi Automobile Heavy Truck has always taken "customer satisfaction" as its service purpose, and in recent years it has advocated the efficient implementation of the "All+" service strategy, which closely focuses on customer service needs and changes the service model. However, in its supply chain management, it has encountered a "problem".

In the field inspection, equipment assembly, after-sales service and other links, frequent upstream and downstream collaboration, resulting in the whole process is scattered, independent, data is also fragmented, can not be tracked and precipitated, can not form a unified management.

How to improve the efficiency of supply chain review and solve the problem of industrial site digitization? It became a big test for Shaanxi Auto Heavy Truck!

During the special period of war epidemic, SQE of the mainframe plant could not go to the production site of suppliers, and remote online review gradually replaced on-site review.heavy truck supplier -Shacmansx

AR technology and Shaanxi heavy truck

Shaanxi Auto Heavy Truck introduced the AR technology and products of Bright Wind Platform, and took the lead in adopting AR remote collaboration for supplier review, using the way of prior document delivery and online remote review to improve the efficiency of supplier management and problem analysis and reduce management costs.

Up to now, AR remote collaboration has covered nearly 200 supplier companies of Shaanxi Auto Heavy Truck, and the AR platform has been helping Shaanxi Auto deliver its target capacity of heavy truck vehicles since the epidemic last year.

Based on AR technology, Lanfengtai helps Shaanxi Auto Heavy Truck open a new way of working for supplier management, helping it to carry out remote supplier pre-qualification, system review, quality problem solving, supply chain coordination, and record and regularly check the process of supplier field operations to improve supplier quality and achieve total quality management.

In the supplier management link, the supplier engineer wears the bright wind platform AR smart glasses to inspect the production workshop in accordance with the prescribed steps, and the SQE engineer of Shaanxi Heavy Truck conducts command and inspection at the back end combined with the first view of the glasses, and records the audit process in real time.

Different suppliers are categorized and managed on the platform based on different collaboration categories and specific projects, thus realizing process review, product review, system review, and supplier pre-audit, etc.

The entire review process is recorded in audio and video, and associated with the review form. The supplier and Shaanxi Heavy Industry fill out the perfect form online and generate a complete report, forming a complete audit closed-loop process. In addition, all records can be searched intelligently by keywords and events in the background to achieve fast tracking, query, traceability and statistics, which helps SQE supply chain digital process management.

Remote SQE is a new way of working for Shaanxi Heavy Truck to realize supplier management. Based on the key capability of HiLeia AR remote collaboration of Liang Fengtai, it connects the internal and external/upstream and downstream systems of the enterprise to deepen the application of supply chain collaboration scenarios, which changes the daily work style of supply chain personnel.

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