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Shaanxi heavy duty truck national six vehicles use maintenance attention

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Shaanxi automobile national six engine maintenance

With the gradual listing of the national six models, the engine becomes more and more "fine", which makes the card users need to strengthen the daily maintenance, extend the life of the engine, reduce the use of failure. Today for everyone to explain the Shaanxi Heavy Duty Truck national six diesel models use and maintenance considerations.

1. Be sure to use GB 19147

National six standard regular diesel fuel

Inferior diesel fuel is harmful: damage to high-pressure common rail system parts such as high-pressure oil pump and injector, damage to DPM unit, leading to poisoning failure of after-treatment DOC catalyst, leading to blockage failure of after-treatment DPF, leading to excessive exhaust emission. The above situation will cause irreversible and permanent damage to the engine and the aftertreatment system, which is expensive to replace, or lead to torque limitation and power loss of the engine.

2. Always use a urea solution that meets the GB29518 standard and ensure the cleanliness of the inside of the urea tank

Inferior urea hazards: clogging or even damage urea pump, urea nozzle, lead to SCR box crystallization or even clogging, resulting in emissions exceed the standard; in addition, when the urea level is lower than 10%, the NCD indicator will always light up to indicate that the urea must be filled as soon as possible, otherwise it will immediately limit the torque when it is lower than 5%.heavy duty truck supplier -Shacmansx

3. Be sure to use the oil that meets the CK-4 standard.

Coolant conforming to GB 29743 national standard

The hazards of poor quality oil and coolant: deterioration and lack of engine lubrication and cooling protection, leading to early engine wear and shortening service life.

Please be sure to strictly follow the product instructions for regular maintenance and replacement of oil and coolant that meet the requirements.(Inferior engine oil will produce too much ash, which is difficult to clean)

4.Notice on the use and maintenance of filter system

The danger of unqualified air filter: the increase of air inlet particles will not only lead to the early wear of the engine four packages, but also easily lead to the blockage and damage of the DPF of the after-treatment system; the danger of unqualified diesel and oil filter: the increase of impurities such as particles in diesel and oil will damage the high-pressure oil pump, injectors and other parts, lead to the early wear of the bushings of the crankshaft and other parts, and increase the risk of exceeding the emission standard.

Please use the original air filter, diesel filter, oil filter and other filtering parts to ensure the cleanliness of the engine air intake, fuel and oil.

5. Maintenance of urea tank

The urea tank sensor screen should be cleaned at least once a year; at low temperature, the volume of urea freezing expands about 8%. Urea solution filling, can not be filled too full, the top of the box to set aside a certain expansion volume, to prevent the low temperature urea icing volume increases lead to the box crack or liquid level temperature sensor is squeezed bad. Weichai 35L urea tank (total volume about 40L) the maximum filling volume is not allowed to exceed 36L, Weichai 50L urea tank (total volume about 60L) the maximum filling volume is not allowed to exceed 52L. during use, the urea level is too low (less than 10%) the system will report a low urea level fault.

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