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Shaanxi heavy truck attended West China Manufacturing Expo and Eurasia Industry Expo

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Shaanxi heavy truck corps shines at the 24th Western Manufacturing Expo and Eurasian Industrial Expo.

On March 16-19, 2017, the 24th West China International Equipment Manufacturing Expo and China Eurasia International Industry Expo (referred to as West China Manufacturing Expo and Eurasia Industry Expo) opened in Xi'an Qujiang International Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition is co-hosted by China Machinery Industry Federation, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Eurasian Economic Forum, Shaanxi Province Department of Industry and Information Technology, Xi'an Municipal People's Government, representing the level of China's equipment manufacturing industry, a number of high, precision, sharp equipment in this centralized debut, is China's most large-scale, professional international industrial equipment event, known as "the first western industrial Exhibition".

As one of the top 500 enterprises in China, Shaanxi Auto Heavy Truck was invited to participate in the exhibition, bringing three products, namely, Delong X3000 Golden Edition, new M3000 environmental protection dump and Delong L3000 truck, which immediately attracted the attention of the industry, media and domestic and foreign customers.mine dump truck factory -Shacmansx

Shaanxi Auto X3000 gold edition heavy truck basics

Shaanxi Auto X3000 Gold Edition shall be the first high horsepower heavy truck high-end tractor product in China, which is a platform product tailor-made for road logistics users and leads the logistics and transportation industry into the super fuel-saving 500+ era. According to the product engineer on the scene, Delong X3000 Gold Edition is based on the actual needs of customers, and is tailor-made for road logistics users by Shaanxi Auto in cooperation with Weichai, Faster and Hande, integrating and matching a series of industry chain members' technologies exclusively for Shaanxi Auto, realizing "precise power matching, golden powertrain, power accessory configuration, lowest wind resistance system, new intelligent driving "It has set off five new fuel-saving revolutions and reduced fuel consumption to the lowest in the industry. The 500+ high horsepower platform products of Shaanxi Auto's Delong X3000 Gold Edition means that Shaanxi Auto once again stands at the industry's high point and leads China's heavy trucks to the international trend of high horsepower and fuel saving.

The Shaanxi Auto De Long X3000 Gold Edition heavy truck on display is matched with Weichai WP13 liter National IV engine, 16-speed aluminum case transmission, MAN 7.5T front axle, 13T MAN single-stage reduction axle, and lightweight version of the chassis, which improves the overall power by 20%, reduces fuel consumption by 13.75%, and is 5 liters lower than the industry in 100 kilometers, saving at least 60,000 per year.

Delong new M3000 new intelligent environmental protection dump truck products have been committed to green, environmentally friendly transport, and actively promote urban development and construction, and set the industry benchmark with quality. Shaanxi Auto's new intelligent and environmentally friendly dump truck has solved the shortcomings of the previous dump truck such as low emission standard, large exhaust volume and poor sealing of the box, and has been greatly improved in three aspects: environmental protection, intelligence and safety. At present, Shaanxi Auto's new intelligent environmental protection dump truck has become the preferred model for customers of dump trucks in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Hunan, Jiangxi, Gansu, Fuzhou and other cities, helping national sanitation construction and creating a green and beautiful life in cities.

Delong L3000 truck is a new product exclusively built by Shaanxi Auto for the majority of freight customers by combining the characteristics of medium-sized freight industry and integrating the segmented market demand. After continuous exploration, it introduces the latest European technology, and under its design concept of positive research and development, it comprehensively shows the excellent quality of high value, high efficiency, economy, reliability and comfort. It can meet the different needs of various segments, covering express, cold chain, green transport, LTL and other segments, highlighting the advantages of Shaanxi Auto's product lineup, platform and leadership, and demonstrating the new benchmark of Chinese heavy truck enterprise value.

At the exhibition, a master Bi, who is engaged in the transportation of industrial commodities, brought his friend to the Shaanxi Auto booth today to see the Shaanxi Auto X3000 Golden Edition, Master Bi told the reporter: "engaged in transportation for more than 20 years, the first time to drive a 500 horsepower truck to run in the northwest, the surging power has never been experienced and felt. The overall performance of X3000 Gold Edition is superb and I am very satisfied! I heard that there was an exhibition, so I brought my friends here today to have a look."

The Western Manufacturing Expo and Eurasian Industrial Expo will be held for many days, and at press time, there were many customers visiting Shaanxi Auto's booth, and I believe more customers will learn about Shaanxi Auto's high-end tractor in the exhibition afterwards. Here, Shaanxi Auto sincerely invites you to come to Xi'an Qujiang International Conference and Exhibition Center to learn more about this product in person during the next few days of the exhibition.

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