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Shacman core advantages

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Shacman: technology leader-Strong durability,mature operation

The German MAN whole vehicle technology, light weight design, beautiful and comfortable, stable and reliable, leading the European standard.

The world's original LNG turbocharger technology, the perfect fusion of cost and technology, to achieve commercial operation.

American Woodward2.0 electronic controlled gas engine technology, more precise control, the lowest gas consumption in thedomestic similar industry, higher reliability.

The only one NG heavy duty truck after high temperature, alpine and plateau test in domestic, the stable performance can meet the demanding validation.

There are more series of NG products in the heavy duty vehicle industry, the mileage of LNG is over 2000 km, and the mileage of LNG is over 600 km.

Shacman: the industry leader-joint industry low carbon leading

Natural gas has high octane number, good antiknock property, and it can save over 40% of the fuel cost compared withconcrete dump truck for sale - Shacmansx conventional diesel fuel and save 140 thousand RMB one year.

The natural gas fuel, complete combustion, no carbon deposition, doesn't dilute lubricating oil, effectively reduce the parts wear, prolong the service life of the engine, the emission standard upgrade and low cost.

The industry advantage of domestic unique gold industry chain, with Weichai NG engine, Fast huge shaft distance transmission and Hande gold top assembly, reliable quality, makes sure it to be No.1 in the automobile industry.

New energy industry chain and the industry advantage of SHACMAN unique gold industry chain, play the cooperative advantage of the two industry chains, build the world leading new energy industry chain, and provide the whole solution of the NG heavy duty trucks for the users.

Shacman: service leader-the whole life service considerate and timely

The unique new energy industry chain, build the strategic cooperation with the top matching industries in domestic and abroad, realize the cooperative service within new energy industry chain members and provide the whole life service for the users.

SHACMAN tries its best to build the considerate service system of active prevention and rapid response, completely surpass the current service standard of the heavy duty truck industry, to build No.1 brand in the heavy duty truck industry.

we'er built huge sales network in central Asia and Russia, treat every customer sincerely, with tenacity and stick to service every customer, layout with a diversification strategy to support our confidence in the central Asia market constancy.


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