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Shacman Dumper Truck Shacman Tipper Truck Shacman F3000 6x4 Tipper Truck


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Driving type:6*4
Max. Speed:75km/h
Engine Brand:WEICHAI
Engine Model:WP12.375E50
Transmission Brand:FAST
Front axle And Rear axle Brand:HANDE
  • SX3258DU384


  • 8704230090



■The cab is combined from the world's top ABB and KUKA automatic welding robot, of which the welding accuracy ie highe: and the solder joint distribution is more even. The vehicle features greater impact resistance and increased occupant safety.

■Advanced noise isolation technology and strengthened vehicle body structure, and the application of polyester material can reduce cab noise greatly and marease insulation qualities.

■The front face of the cab adopts the European low wind resistance V SHAPE design The whole vehicle passes CFD flow field analysis and wind tumnel tests, and the wind resistance is reduced greatly.


■American VISTEON interior utilizing 100% natural negative ion fber fabric. New material sleeper can promote rest quality.

■Adjustable steering wheel which is easy to operate with great man-machine performance.

■Installation of high strength anti. collision steel beam on the inside of vehicle door increases vehicle safety.

■Integrated structure floor mat is equipped with protective strips. great insulation easy to clean and have good noise reduction properties.

■Four point air suspension and transverse damping shock absorber can improve the drive comfort and ease discomfort caused by road conditions


■VOSS connectors have greatly improved reliability and the vehicle has better air tightness and better pressure holding capacity.

■The cooling system is equipped with symmetrical left and right air chambers with advantages of shorter intercooler inlet pipe, reduced pipe drag resistance, tight piping layout and higher ground clearance.

■φ430mm lage friction clutch provides high transmission torque and efficiency.

Weichai WEVB exhaust brake system reduces the wear of tires, brake pads and the cost of vehicle use while ensuring safety.

■Reinforced multi-leaf spring and four U-bolts with great rigidity and strong bearing capacity.

Wheel rim has been Teinforced, whose thickness increased from 14mm to 16mm and steel ring from8.5 to 9.0.

■φ120 bore steering gear. the steering assist capacity is incrcased by 24%

The F3000 Super edition dump truck is built for the toughest of working conditions. With improved performance, durability and even greater ground clearance, it can tackle even the harshest working conditions.



The bumper is made of 5mm thick steel plate for armor like protection. The headlamp is embedded within the steel plate bumper for easy maintenance. The reinforced headlamp protective grid is matched to reduce the risk of headlamp being damaged by debris in bad road conditions.


The diameter of the U-bolt of the front leaf spring is upgraded to the thickest in the industry, up to 20 mm, which can improve the strength of the leaf spring bolt, reduce the fracture failure, and adapt to the bad working conditions. Strengthen the rear leaf spring improves the vehicle carrying capacity, which is suitable for overload transportation and bad road conditions in mining area.


The enhanced oil pan protection completely covers the water tank and engine oil pan, which improves the strength and the adaptability of the vehicle under bad road conditions.


400L standard liter flat iron tank is fixed with three widened tension belts to effectively prevent tank shaking and reduce failure. The lower part of the fuel tank is equipped with a 3mm steel plate protection guard, which can effectively protect the fuel tank from debris on the ground. The ground clearance of the super edition F3000 dump truck fuel tank is 590 mm above the ground


In order to adapt to the bad road conditions, a new design of rear tail lamp is made. The tail lamp bracket adopts a thick and solid integral structure to reduce the risk of fracture. It is equipped with full LED tail lamp to extend the service life of the tail lamp


The battery box protection has the function of anti-theft and is impact resistant, to prevent theft, flying stones and other debris from damaging the battery box.



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