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SHACMAN F3000 riot control vehicle exported to Zambia

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Shacman f3000 riot control vehicle exported to Zambia

SHACMAN labeled Delong F3000 riot control vehicle and right-hand drive ambulance are exported to Zambia.

In fact, for the national people, the country of Zambia seems to be often heard in the news. And with the continuous progress of the Belt and Road, more Chinese people go to this African country to do business. But in recent years, Zambia's security is deteriorating. The local police need more police vehicles to maintain order, and the relatively cheap domestic vehicles have become the first choice. 

Recently, a batch of domestic police vehicles exported to Zambia appeared in the port, the configuration of these cars, the domestic are rare to see.commercial dump truck for sale -Shacmansx

Shacman truck f3000 riot control vehicle basics

Shaanxi Auto Delong F3000 will not be unfamiliar to you. In engineering and construction and even high-speed logistics, Delong F3000 ( parameters | quotation | picture ) retention is not low, but the 6x6 Delong or double cab. This pairing is almost rarely seen in the country, right?

This is a domestic riot control vehicle exported to Zambia, the chassis using the Delong F3000 6x6, using 340 horsepower Weichai WP10 inline six-cylinder diesel engine. This engine must not be unfamiliar to the country, because it has appeared in too many domestic cars above, emissions only national three standards, even urea do not need to add. After all, for the African users who do not have the emission requirements, the solid and durable engine corresponds to their relatively inferior fuel quality, and there will not be any major problems.

MAN technology wheel side reduction axle, mature technology, stable performance.

The double cab can bring more police officers at one time, and the outer edges of the windows are equipped with anti-riot nets to prevent the mob from throwing miscellaneous objects to damage the glass. And the hydraulic shovel in front of the car is used to clear roadblocks, not to mention the physical attack on the person caused by the high-pressure water cannon at the front end and the roof of the car.

The classic Steyr did not stop production at Shaanxi Auto, the original introduction of Steyr's three enterprises, Heavy Duty, Shaanxi Auto and Hongyan inside, Shaanxi Auto is so far the only domestic heavy truck enterprises still producing Steyr trucks. However, since the agreement on the use of the Steyr brand has long expired, the Steyrs exported to Zambia were branded with SHACMAN, a special export brand of Shaanxi Auto.

What is rare is the use of the SHACMAN Steyrs, which are used as ambulances. 4x4 all-wheel drive chassis gives the vehicle a certain off-road capability, and for places like Africa where infrastructure is not perfect, all-wheel drive still has considerable advantages.

The engine is still the national three Weichai, after all, the export is less developed areas, the delicate low-emission diesel engine to go is simply harmful. In addition, there are a lot of domestic truck holdings in Africa, the Weichai engine parts with simple technology is also relatively easy to buy.

However, through observation can actually find that the SHACMAN exported to Zambia does not use our familiar Steyr wheel reduction bridge, this appearance of the steering drive bridge, I also saw for the first time.

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