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SHACMAN H3000 Dump Truck 6x4


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ransport type Mining Engineering
Logistics type Ore/sand/gravel/coal
Drive 6X4
Distance ≤200km
Max Speed(km/h) 90
Loaded Speed 40~60
Road Type Off- Road
Max Weight(T) ≤50
Vehicle model SX3255MN384
Engine WP10.340E22
Emission standard Euro II
Displacement 9.726L
  • SX3255MR384


  • 8704230090


SHACMAN H3000 SERIESSHACMAN H3000 Dump Truck 6x4 -5Standard Load Fuel-efficient Leader
                Light weight Design, High-strength Material
                Fashionable Look with Comfort and Smart feature
                Supreme Fuel-efficient Performance in Standard Load

   SHACMAN H3000 Dump Truck Characteristic

A Truck You Can Depend On

With a proven design, Shacman H3000 series is one of the most balanced product. Lightweight, efficient and innovative, the H3000 bring about a new standard in truck quality.

■ Lightweight European design, precision power matching

■ Optimized intake module decreasing intake resistance by 6%

■ Efficient real axles that increase transmission efficiency by 13%

■ Intercooler resistance reduced by 29%

■ Engine power loss reduced by 8%

■ Efficient tires which reduces rolling resistance by 10%

■ Cooling module developed from adopting German Behr BISS simulation software increasing cooling capacity by 10%

    Comfortable and Safe

The H3000 series uses brand new European TGS cabin technology with improved cabin tightness, sound proofing and insulation making your work day more enjoyable and safer.

■ European ECE-R29 collision test certifiedSHACAMN H3000 6X4 TIPPER TRUCK -6

■ Imported curved high strength windshield        
        ■ Sedan inspired interior design    
        ■ Spacious interior with 8 new storage locations

■ Sleeping bed width increased to 750mm

■ Telescopic shaft gear shift mechanism

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