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SHACMAN H3000 Mixer Truck 6x4


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Transport type Heavy haul transportation
Logistics type Concrete
Distance(km) ≤50 ≤50
Road type Paved roads
Drive 6X4
Max weight(t) ≤35 ≤35
Load/Volume ≤12 ≤40
Max speed(km/h) 85 70
Loaded speed(km/h) 45~60 40~60
Vehicle model SX5255GJBHR384 SX5255GJBHR38C
Engine WP10.336+PTO ISME345 30+PTO
Emission standard Euro II Euro III
Displacement 9.7L 10.8L
Rated Output 250kw 254kw
Max. torque 1350N.m 1800N.m
Transmission RTD11509C 10JSD180
Clutch 430
Frame 850X300(8+7) 850X300(8+7)
Front axle MAN 9.5T
Rear axle 16T MAN double reduction5.92 16T MAN double reduction5.262
  • SX5255GJBHR384


  • 8704230090


A Mixer truck is also known as in-transit mixers. Materials will be mixed and loaded into the mixer drum. It begins mixing at Mixing Station. As it travels to the work site, the mixer keeps rotating to keep the concrete wet. Without the rotation, the concrete will get hard and unusable.SHACMAN H3000 Mixer Truck 6x4-1

The mixer drum rotates in one direction to pull the material into the drum, known as charging. Once it is time to use the concrete, it will rotate in the opposite direction. All mixer trucks are working within a 90-minute radius from the plant.

SHACMAN vehicle series boasts many new innovations to increase performance, efficiency and comfort

Truck You Can Depend On

With a proven design, the H3000 series is one of the most balanced product. Lightweight, effiencent and innovative, the H3000 bring about a new standard in truck quality.

■ Lightweight European design, precision power matching  
        ■ Optimized intake module decreasing intake resistance by 6%                  
        ■ Efficient real axles that increase transmission efficiency by 13%

■ Intercooler resistance reduced by 29%

■ Engine power loss reduced by 8%

■ Efficient tires which reduces rolling resistance by 10%      

■ Cooling module developed from adopting German Behr BISS simulation software increasing cooling capacity by 10%  

Comfortable and SafeSHACMAN H3000 Mixer Truck 6x4-5

The H3000 series uses brand new European TGS cabin technology with improved cabin tightness, sound proofing and insulation making your work day more enjoyable and safe.

■ European ECE-R29 collision test certified

■ Imported curved high strengh windshield

■ Sedan inspired interior design

■ Spacious interior with 8 new storage locations

■ Sleeping bed width increased to 750mm

■ Telescopic shaft gear shift mechanism

we'er built huge sales network in central Asia and Russia, treat every customer sincerely, with tenacity and stick to service every customer, layout with a diversification strategy to support our confidence in the central Asia market constancy.


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