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SHACMAN new energy trucks serve with various industries

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The "double carbon" strategic goal fully reflects the responsibility and commitment of China as an international power, and also largely promotes the high-quality development of our economy. This is very obvious in the logistics industry, especially the full implementation of the national six emissions regulations, logistics enterprises in upgrading transport equipment at the same time have to find innovative and effective way of development. The new green logistics method of using new energy dump trucks to replace traditional fuel dump trucks is becoming the choice of more users in the field of dump truck transportation.

New energy dump truck under the "double carbon" strategic goal

As a responsible and responsible logistics enterprise, Shanghai Zhangshun Transportation Company has purchased and launched a batch of new energy dump trucks to take up the corporate social responsibility for the realization of the "double carbon" target.

For the market, what is left by the waves is not the gold cup but the word of mouth. Since its establishment many years ago, Shanghai Zhongshun Transportation Company has been engaged in steel material transportation in addition to urban construction slag transportation, and has maintained a long-term stable business relationship with Shanghai Baoshan Iron and Steel Co. In order to respond to the national goal of "double carbon", Shanghai Baosteel also has strict requirements for steel transportation partners.

"At the very beginning, the requirements put forward by our partner Shanghai Baosteel stipulated that only national six models and new energy models could enter the plant for transportation. At that time, the company leaders discussed that under the current policy, the use of new energy vehicles has become an inevitable trend, so they decided to purchase Shaanxi Auto Heavy Truck new energy dump truck." Shanghai Zhang Shun Transportation Company's team leader Wang said in an interview with the reporter.commercial dump truck specification -Shacmansx

"The choice of Shaanxi Auto Heavy Truck brand products, we also went through quite careful consideration, the earliest selection of vehicles, whether from the vehicle performance or price, we have done a detailed investigation and understanding, including a lot of preliminary technical level of communication work, and so on, and comprehensive comparison of a number of truck brands and product advantages, and finally determined to choose Shaanxi Auto Heavy Truck New energy products." Another important reason for choosing Shaanxi Auto Heavy Duty is "the trust in Shaanxi Auto Heavy Duty. Because the previous fleet was using Shaanxi truck fuel trucks, and it has been driving for many years without problems. And whether in terms of power or quality assurance, Shaanxi Auto Heavy Truck is recognized in the dump truck market. Now we believe in the excellent quality of the Shaanxi Auto new energy dump truck, and now it proves that we made the right choice." Wang said bluntly.

To make things happen, we must first plan the situation. Shanghai Zhang Shun Transportation Company dared to break the rules and be the first batch of local enterprises in Shanghai to "eat the crabs", and took the lead in purchasing 12 Shaanxi Auto new energy dump trucks in July 2021, including 4 Shaanxi Auto De Long M3000S electric dump trucks and 8 Shaanxi Auto De Long new M3000 pure electric dump trucks. After a few months of trial operation, the harvest of the ideal operating results, "a few months down, Shaanxi Auto new energy dump truck, electricity than oil savings, the vehicle also did not have any problems, the use of the effect is quite good." Wang told the reporter.

SHACMAN big dump trucks characteristics 

"Shaanxi Auto new energy dump truck comfort than the fuel car is much higher. It not only has a lot less noise, but also the vehicle configuration and features are more and more complete, especially the control is very convenient. The pure electric car is equivalent to the automatic gearbox general good driving, which doesn't have to step on the clutch like the previous fuel car to step on the leg pain. Driving is very easy, which can reduce driver's fatigue intensity greatly." According to Wang, many drivers in the company are very fond of the comfort of Shaanxi Auto's new energy dump truck and are eager to drive it.

In addition to the quality of the product itself, Shanghai Zhang Shun Transportation Co., Ltd.'s team leader Wang also talked about the company's fleet management, right turn must stop, observe the side of the road ahead, must do eye to hand, to confirm safety before continuing to drive. This is the iron law that every driver of Shanghai Zhang Shun Transportation Co. At the same time the nature of the year-round high-intensity work on driving safety and vehicle maintenance put forward extremely high requirements, "safety must be scientific and standardized management to achieve, the rules are dead, no one can engage in specialization." Wang team believes that only scientific management can guarantee the safety and efficiency of transport, and the state of year-round restlessness is extremely test vehicle quality and maintenance team's ability.

About after-sales service, Wang team told the reporter, "New energy dump truck is also the first time we contact. After we received the vehicle, the manufacturer's after-sales staff did a lot of training for us, from the management to the driver, the after-sales staff were very patient with us, from the use of the vehicle to the operation, the whole process is very detailed and precise, and the service attitude is very good. In the process of vehicle operation, Shaanxi Auto Heavy Truck after-sales service response is also very timely.

"All in all, we are very satisfied with the new energy dump truck of Shaanxi Auto Heavy Truck, which has been operating for more than half a year, and no problems have been found. In the end, Wang expressed his trust in the brand of Shaanxi Auto Heavy Truck again.

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