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SHACMAN X3000 attractive appearance level, amazing strength

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SHACMAN X3000: attractive appearance level and amazing strength

Fashion avant-garde appearance, family appearance, too beautiful to be powerful. Upgrade the comfort level and enjoy the luxurious journey.

The cab adopts transverse shock absorber + four-point air bag suspension, which can effectively reduce transverse high-frequencySHACMAN heavy haulage tractor units for sale - Shacmansx vibration, reduce roll, and bring more comfortable driving experience; At the same time, the X3000 is equipped with a multi-functional steering wheel, which can achieve cruise function and Bluetooth communication; Automatic constant temperature air conditioning, not only can automatically adjust the temperature according to room temperature, but also can adjust the temperature according to sunlight intensity, heating and cooling capacity significantly improved; The cab adopts PU integral soft foam + knitted fabric lining sound insulation and sound absorption technology, the noise is as low as 53.4 decibels, fully meet the European heavy truck noise standard; Large interior space and a number of humanized safety, living and storage design, instantly improve the vehicle comfort star.

SHACMAN X3000 gold powertrain: high-power engine + direct transmission + small speed ratio monopole bridge, effectively reduce the speed of the transmission shaft, can reduce 300 RPM, WP13 engine up to 550 horsepower, instantly surge power. Excellent dynamic response, convincing precision adjustment and efficiency, highlighting the superior strength.

Streamline modelling simulation and wind tunnel test analysis, combined with the professional guiding device, reduce vehicle wind resistance coefficient, can make the air intake flat tube cross-sectional area (the F3000 inlet flat tube) increased by 26.5%, a sharp rise in gas, fuel oil can be fully burnt, gold powertrain, the engine work has been in the economic speed zone, strong climbing force directly file transfer, efficiency, Low roll resistance tyres, combined with all the advantages, reduce fuel consumption by 10.2%.

The SHACMAN X3000 truck is equipped with daytime running lights, AFS adaptive headlight system, xenon lights, LED taillights and other features to improve driving safety. The vehicle adopts advanced intelligent electronic and electrical functions: vehicle fault alarm, safety belt warning alarm function, ECO light warning, tire pressure detection function, instantaneous, cumulative, small mileage fuel consumption, LDWS (lane departure) warning. Blind area monitoring and 360° around, so that the vehicle driving, reversing, parking safer.

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