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SHACMAN X3000 Lorry Truck 8x4


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Transport type Complex transport
Logistics type Daily industrial products and food
Distance(km) ≤300
Road type Paved roads
Drive  8X4
Max weight(t) ≤50
Max speed(km/h)  90
Loaded speed(km/h) 50~65
Vehicle model  SX13155T456
Engine  WP12.380
Emission standard I Euro II
Displacement  11.596L
Rated Output  280kw
Max. torque  1500N.m
Transmission  12JSD180T
Clutch  430
Frame  850x300(8+5)
Front axle   MAN 7.5T
Rear axle  4.769 13T MAN double reduction 4.769
Fuel  Diesel
Capacity of the fuel tank  400L
Battery 180Ah
Dimensions(LxWxH)   11425X2490X3450
Trunk(LxWxH)  9500X2300X800
Wheelbase   1800+4575+1400
  • SX12555R434


  • 8704230090


SHACMAN roro lorry for sale

New Innovations

SHACMAN X3000 series is the latest product to be introduced. This vehicle series boasts many new innovations to increase performance, efficiency and comfort.SHACMAN X3000 Lorry Truck 8x4 -1

■ Special engine MAP, double cylinder load dump air compressor, throttle off technology, optimized fan control logic
        ■ New European style cabin design, full CFD optimization, drag coefficient decreased to 0.53
        ■ Intelligent electrical network architecture: Volvo electric design system
        ■ Engine inlet and cooling module, large air inlet cross section, higher air intake, patented cooling system, low air inlet resistance
        ■ MAN new single layer lightweight structure frame, formed from 6000T high strength hydraulic press

Superior Quality

Assembled from the world's top components and assemblies with the quality of European trucks and the first Chinese truck manufacturer to pass the European ECE-R29 standard heavy truck collision test.

■ Vehicle attendance rate 16.6% higher than competing products
        ■ Weichai high powered engines joint with AVL, BOSCH efforts to build golden power system        
        ■ Cummins high powered engines, five key systems leading the world    
        ■ FAST 12 speed transmission, unique structure of twin shaft main box, auxiliary box using fine pitch helical gear design
        ■ Hande 7.5 tons axle and 13 tons maintenance free 2.714 ratio single reduction axle
        ■ Internationally famous brand - Williams pedal mechanism, imported ZF steering machine,  Eaton clutch

SHACMAN X3000 Lorry Truck:centre axle trailer combinationSHACMAN X3000 Lorry Truck 8x4 -3

SHACMAN X3000 Series is committed to building high-end logistics transportation leaders. It has outstanding performance in fuel economy, reliability, intelligence, safety and comfort. It is fully qualified for the requirements of modern high speed and large horse power logistics transportation, the users said the comfort and  fuel-saving are as same as European and American trucks.

we'er built huge sales network in central Asia and Russia, treat every customer sincerely, with tenacity and stick to service every customer, layout with a diversification strategy to support our confidence in the central Asia market constancy.


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