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The Variants of Bulldozer

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Armored bulldozers

Bulldozers used for combat engineering are often equipped with armor to protect the driver from guns and debris, enabling the bulldozers to operate in war zones.The IDF made extensive use of armored bulldozers during Operation Rainbow to clear out smuggling tunnels in the Gaza Strip and destroy residential areas,wells and pipes, and farmland to expand the military buffer zone along the Philadelphia route.This use has drawn criticism of the use and suppliers of armored bulldozers from human rights groups such as the EWASH coalition and Human Rights Watch the latter urging Caterpillar to stop selling them to the IDF.Engineer doctrine in some units distinguishes between Low Mobility Armored Dozers (LMAD) and High Mobility Armored Dozers (HMAD).While LMADs rely on flatbed vehicles to move them to their job sites, HMADs have more powerful engines and drive systems designed to give them on-road mobility at moderate range and speed.However, HMADs generally lack the full off-road mobility characteristics of a dozing blade-equipped tank or armored personnel carrier.Some bulldozers are armored by civilian operators to prevent bystanders or police from interfering with the bulldozer's work, such as in the event of a strike or demolition of a derelict building.Civilians who have feuded with the authorities have done so too, like Marvin Heemeyer outfitting his Komatsu D355A bulldozer with homemade composite armor and then demolishing a government building.

Remote-controlled dozersBulldozer

In recent years, innovations in construction technology have made remote-controlled bulldozers a reality.Now, heavy machinery can be controlled from 1,000 feet away.This contributes to the safety of workers on the job site by keeping them at a safe distance from potentially hazardous work.Advancements and the ability to remotely control heavy machinery have provided workers with full control over the dozer to get the job done.Although these machines are still in their early stages, many construction companies are using them successfully.

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