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Tractor type

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Types of Tractor

According to whether the support can be moved, it can be divided into fixed type, mobile type and lifting type. 

The left and right 2 supports of the fixed traction seat are fastened on the traction seat base by bolts, and the traction seat base isH3000 4×2 Tractor Truck company - Shacmansx then fixed to the girder of the tractor. Fixed type is the most widely used one. There are many types of mobile traction seat, and the structure is almost the same as that of the fixed type. The main reason is that the connection mode between the traction seat base and the tractor girder adopts porous or toothed design. The base of the traction seat can be moved back and forth according to the needs of connecting the trailer, so as to connect with different trailers smoothly. Some mobile traction seats are also equipped with automatic air pressure control devices, which can push the traction seat forward and backward in the chute through air pressure. The lifting traction seat is mainly used on the tractor of the port and wharf. The traction seat can move up and down in a certain range to adapt to the semi-trailer of different heights.

According to different degrees of freedom, there are single degrees of freedom and double degrees of freedom. 

Single degree of freedom traction seat is also called single axle traction seat. It can only make a longitudinal tilt of about 80. This kind of traction seat has high driving stability and is suitable for semi-trailer with high speed, light load and high center of gravity on good road surface. The disadvantage is that the frame can not swing laterally, so the torque borne by the frame is large. Double freedom traction seat is also called double axle traction seat. It can swing horizontally and longitudinally, and can protect the frame of heavy transport tractor under different road conditions. Generally, the height of double axle traction seat is much higher than that of single axle traction seat, and the lateral stability is poor in the process of turning at high speed. Therefore, this type of traction seat is rarely used in ordinary highway transportation.

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