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Truck definition

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Trucks, also known as trucks, generally referred to as trucks, refer to vehicles mainly used to transport goods, and sometimes refer to vehicles that can tow other vehicles, belonging to the category of commercial vehicles. Generally, it can be divided into heavy-duty and light-duty according to the weight of the vehicle. Most trucks are powered by diesel engines, but some light trucks use gasoline, petroleum gas or natural gas.

On July 1st, 1975, the 2.5t off-road vehicle was officially put into production at the automobile manufacturing plant in Shiyan, Hubei Province. The construction of the second automobile manufacturing plant is a milestone in China's automobile industry. It was completely completed by the Chinese themselves. In the process of construction, no foreign technicians participated in the assistance, which indicates that the development of China's automobile industry has reached a high level.

Truck definition

The official name of truck is truck, which is a form of vehicle used to carry goods and commodities, including dump truck, tractor, off-road truck in off-road and no road areas and various trucks specially manufactured for special needs (such as Airport Ferry, fire truck and rescue vehicle, oil tank truck, container tractor, etc.).

Truck development

According to the data, in October 2012, the automobile sales volume was 1.61 million, a year-on-year increase of 5% and abig lorry truck for sale - Shacmansx month on month decrease of 1%; From January to October, the cumulative sales volume was 15.7 million, an increase of 3% at the same time. Among them, the sales volume of passenger cars was 1.3 million, an increase of 6% at the same time and an environmental decrease of 1%; The sales volume of commercial vehicles was 310000, with a same increase of 1% and a ring increase of 2%. Heavy truck sales will pick up in 2013. First, a large number of cars enter the replacement cycle. Secondly, the fourth national regulation promotes the renewal and replacement. At the end of 2008, the number of heavy trucks was 2million, and the life cycle was 4-5 years. Therefore, the number of these 2million trucks will enter the replacement cycle. Heavy truck sales growth is a high probability event.

Truck classification

Trucks are divided into mini trucks, light trucks, medium trucks, heavy trucks and super heavy trucks according to the carrying tonnage.

Mini truck: the total mass is less than 1.8 tons.

Light truck: the total mass is 1.8-6 tons.

Medium truck: the total mass is 6-14 tons.

Heavy duty truck: the total mass is 14-100 tons.

Super heavy truck: the total weight is more than 100 tons.

Model: flat car, dump truck, tractor, container car, semi-trailer, etc.

Driving mode: 4*2, 4*4, 6*2, 6*4, 6*6, 8*4, 8*6, etc.

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