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Utility vehicle and its kinds

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A utility vehicle is a vehicle usually motorized, designed to perform a specific task more efficiently than a passenger car.It sometimes refers to a small truck with low sides.

Types of Utility Vehicles electric Utility vehicle

Military Light Utility Vehicle:

Military Light Utility Vehicle, or simply Light Utility Vehicle (LUV), is the term used for the lightest heavyweight category of military vehicles.A jeep-like military four-wheel-drive vehicle that by definition, is lighter than other military trucks and vehicles and is inherently compact, often lightly armored or unarmored, with short body overhangs that allow for maneuverability All-terrain mobility, typically about 4-passenger capacity.

Armored utility vehicle:

The military also uses armored utility vehicles.

Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV):

Traditionally, these vehicles resemble station wagons, but are built on light truck chassis and feature four- or all-wheel drive and other off-road hardware.Their main purpose is to demonstrate superior off-road and towing capabilities, as well as higher seating capacity.

Utility vehicles:

These are larger vehicles that can handle a wide range of applications.They often allow for easy switching between multiple combinations of passenger and luggage capacity.

Crossover utility vehicle:

A station wagon based on an automobile chassis, but constructed like a sport utility vehicle.They have limited off-road capabilit. Also known as a "sporty activity vehicle".

Light equipment:

Vehicles generally used as a maintenance vehicle.A jeep is a light utility vehicle, originally used by the United States military, with four-wheel drive for traveling over rough terrain.

Coupé utility vehicle or pallet utility vehicle:

Vehicles with coupe passenger compartment and additional cargo bed. All steel body utility vehicles, commonly known as utes, launched in Australia.

Sport utility truck or vehicle (SUV), utility truck, or pickup truck:

Utility trucks (called pickup trucks in the US) are similar to coupé utilities.The main difference is that they are either purpose built or based on a sports utility vehicle rather than produced by modifying an existing passenger car.They combine elements of an on-road passenger car with features of an off-road vehicle, such as increased ground clearance and four-wheel drive.

Utility task vehicle:

A side-by-side (SxS), also known as a utility task vehicle (UTV), is a small four-wheel off-road vehicle.It features a side-by-side seating arrangement, and UTVs typically feature seat belts,rollover protection, and storage boxes in the rear of the vehicle.

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