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Weichai manufacturing is the "power heart" of China's diesel engines

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The production line in the assembly plant of Weichai No.1 Factory has basically realized intelligence

In the final assembly workshop of Weichai No.1 Factory, a diesel engine comes off the line every 85 seconds. Nowadays, through Weichai people's continuous innovation and research, the production line has basically realized intelligence. And two years ago, this speed was still 90 seconds. If we follow 24-hour full-load production, every second of production efficiency can produce 10 more machines, which is an output value of 700,000 yuan according to the price of 70,000 yuan per unit.

It is understood that since the Weichai No.1 factory was put into production in 2005, more than 2.7 million units of 9-liter, 10-liter and 12-liter engines have been produced, and these engines are widely used in construction machinery, trucks, buses, generator sets, ships, etc. In the heavy-duty vehicle market, almost one out of every three heavy-duty trucks sold is equipped with Weichai engines.shacman truck x3000 company -Shacmansx

The assembled engine has to go through a lot of tests before it is launched. Not only should be transported to the experimental workshop for water leakage, electricity leakage, wind leakage "three leakage" test, speed, power, torque and other performance parameters, but also through the three high test. 50 ℃ of Turpan, -41 ℃ of Hailar, 5231 meters above sea level Tanggula mountain pass, such high temperature, high temperature and plateau environment is also the engine before the market "examination room". Hundreds of thousands of sets of data support Weichai to establish a unique engine extreme environment operation database in China, which helps Weichai to seize the engine technology high point and build an efficient and reliable Chinese "power heart".

In 2020, China's diesel engine industry will consume about 160 million tons of fuel, according to this calculation, compared with the highest level of 46% thermal efficiency diesel engine, this diesel engine can reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emission by 10% respectively. 10%, with an annual fuel saving of 16 million tons, economic benefits of about 140 billion yuan, and an annual reduction of 50 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

After years of accumulating momentum, Weichai has made a major breakthrough in the development and commercialization of new energy technology. Hydrogen fuel cell is a power generation device that converts the chemical energy of hydrogen and oxygen directly into electric energy. The conversion process is pollution-free, noiseless and highly efficient, and it is one of the important routes to achieve low-carbon emissions in the transportation industry. Unlike electric vehicles, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are more suitable for long-distance and heavy-duty applications because of their long range, fast refueling and high power density, and are an important direction for the new energy of heavy trucks. Under the new energy wave, Weichai Power has long set the goal of leading the global industry in new energy business by 2030. Its new energy business already covers three major technology lines: pure electric, hybrid and fuel cell. In June this year, it jointly released the first commercial hydrogen internal combustion engine heavy truck in China with China National Heavy Duty Truck.

In the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the first Chinese snow wax truck with complete independent intellectual property rights, manufactured by Shandong, brilliantly completed the tasks of the Winter Olympic Games security services, showing the "hard core" strength of Shandong's "intelligent" manufacturing, breaking the long-term monopoly of the field by foreign countries. It is worth mentioning that the hydrogen fuel cell and the hybrid engine with 50% thermal efficiency on the snow wax car are developed by Weichai. Using the hydrogen fuel cell engine as the power source, the rated power is as high as 162kW, with zero emissions throughout. In addition, the model is equipped with a 360kW high-power motor, which is very powerful and can ensure cold start at low temperatures.

Weichai Group has not only led the world in thermal efficiency of diesel engines, but also made significant breakthroughs in off-road power system and new energy, such as "Weichai engine + Linde hydraulic" hydraulic power assembly golden industry chain, 13-liter hydrogen internal combustion engine, and the new generation WP13F marine power propulsion. Weichai Engine + Linde Hydraulic" hydraulic power assembly golden industrial chain, 13-liter hydrogen internal combustion engine, new generation WP13F marine power propulsion system and many other achievements have broken the monopoly of foreign core technology, won the respect of domestic and foreign counterparts and put the wings of high-end equipment manufacturing in Shandong.

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