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Weichai Power & Cummins power & FAST

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SHACMAN tipper dump truck - Weichai Power

Weichai Power is the Largest powertrain group in China and the largest high speed & powered engine manufacturers in the world. It takes more than one-third market share in China and the quantity of the world exceeds 3.5 million units.

Technology leader in industry, with the only State Key Laboratory of internal combustion reliability, modern‘state-level enterprise technology center’and the first-class product experimental center in China.

Weichai four-valve enginehas strong power with large output torque,at lower engine speed.It is the best power and explosive foree in the industry.SHACMAN off road dump truck

■Weichai power: High horsepower engine combined with AVL and BOSCH building the golden power. Engines are custom made for SHACMAN vehicles with intelligent energy saving system that can automatically adjust to vehicle weight.

■Fuel efficiency: Utilizes BOSCH advanced high pressure common rail technology reducing fuel consumption to as low as 189g/kw.h and low speed matching small rear axle. King of high speed transport.

■High performance: High displacement with higher horsepower and more low-end torque. Better acceleration and greater reserve torque.Electromagnetic clutch fan, fuel system protector and intelligent fuel switch.

■High reliability: Weichai Landking WP engine is the result of collaborative and synchronous development with the world's best auto parts suppliers, fully integrated with the world's cutting-edge technology to build the engine of the golden supply chain.

■High comfort: Low speed engine not only improve the economy and prolong life expectancy, but at the same time also reduces engine noise, ensuring better driving environment.

■Advanced configuration: Equipped with high efficiency electromagnetic clutch fan, fuel system protector and intelligent fuel switch.

SHACMAN rock dump truck - Cummins power 

■Cummins power: Supplies SHACMAN vehicles with custom built ISM series fully electronically controlled engines with intelligent controls, excellent power, five key steps in the global system and 1 million kilometers major maintenance free.

■Cummins ISM series engines integrates the five key subsystem: Intake air handling system, combustion optimization system, electronic control system, fuel system, filtering system and post processing system.SHACMAN single axle dump truck

■Power ranges from 308 to 440 horsepower, maximum torque is rated at 2 100 Nm and maximum rotation is rated at 2130 rpm.

■Great low speed torque, fast aceleration, great climbing ability.

■Weighs only 940 kilogram, great power to weight ratio.

■New oil sump design reducing noise levels. Electronically controlled high pressure fuel system allowing high pressure atomization of diesel oil in cylinders and precise injection.

■Electronic control system includes cruise control, vehicle speed control and over 100 other functions. The system makes sure the engine is in the best shape,features highly integrated module design and uses 30% less parts; greatly reducing failure rate.

■Strong interoperability of spare parts, serialization of a high degree, easy repairs.

■Ultra long filter and oil change interval, significantly reduce the cost of daily maintenance. The filtration system utilizes Cummins Fleetguard 1003 FS filter. Its 10 micron Stratapore filter technology is designed specifically for the protection of parts with filtering efficiency is high as 98.7%.

■Intake and exhaust system uses Cummings HX55 Holset turbocharger. The waste gas bypass valve can be automatically adjusted according to the need of air flow, achieving four levels of control within the revrange and is best suitable for high power rated engine.

■The use of the world's most widely used and the most mature heavy-duty diesel engine braking system --- JACOBS engine brake system. The system can absorb 85% of the vehicle's inertia force with maximum braking capacity of up to 326 horsepower. Drivers are able to go downhill in a higher gear and thus increasing efficiency. The engine is not supplied with fuel while going downhill, even further increasing fuel efficiency.

SHACMAN tipper dump truck - FAST

■FAST is the largest manufacturer and distributors of heavy-duty transmission in the world, whose annual output rank industry first in China for 15 years and rank first in the world for 12 years, and the quantity of the world exceeds 7 million units.

we'er built huge sales network in central Asia and Russia, treat every customer sincerely, with tenacity and stick to service every customer, layout with a diversification strategy to support our confidence in the central Asia market constancy.


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