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What high technology does Auto X6000self-driving heavy truck have?

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Shaanxi Auto X6000 L4 level self-driving heavy truck, can automatically identify pedestrians, what other high technology does it have?

A heavy truck tractor can automatically identify pedestrians and brake automatically during driving, and automatically identify the route and turn independently. This is not a shot in a science fiction movie, but a real scene in the 2020 World Intelligent Networked Vehicle Conference with the theme of "New Era of Intelligence and New Life of Vehicles".

Who can accomplish this "feat"? It is the new Shaanxi Auto X6000, which was launched on November 11, 2020.

Features and high technology of X6000 tractor truck 

A new generation of high-end heavy-duty trucks with L4 level of autonomous drivingSHACMAN large tractor trailer price -Shacmansx

In February 2020, 11 departments, including the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Transport, jointly issued the "Strategy for the Innovative Development of Intelligent Vehicles", which also identifies intelligent network-connected vehicles as a strategic choice for a strong automotive nation from a national height.

On November 11, Shaanxi Auto X6000 high-end heavy truck was officially launched on the market. At the same time, Shaanxi Auto X6000, which has reached the L4 level, was simultaneously presented at the 2020 World Intelligent Networked Vehicle Conference, and self-driving demonstration experience was conducted.

In the heavy truck market with rising demand and rapid product iteration, Shaanxi Auto, as a core enterprise in China's commercial vehicle industry, has created new opportunities by conforming to the national development strategy, implementing independent innovation, mastering core technologies, and following the positive development process to create an international first-class technology product platform, the Delong X6000.

This vehicle adopts a new design concept in its appearance. The front end is novel and beautiful, and the separate grille design is relatively rare, together with the streamlined body, it is highly recognizable. The bumper is integrated with the whole body, with a level of pedals, relatively thick and stable. The whole front looks very much like the European style of "Transformers", looking more powerful and domineering.

The headlights are fashionable, with a strong sense of technology, and equipped with LED daytime running lights to enhance the safety of driving during the day.

The cab of Shaanxi X6000 is designed with wide double-row high roof, large section skeleton body, and four airbag damping can effectively filter the bumpy feeling brought by the bumpy road, making the driving experience more relaxed.

The main camera of this car is in the middle under the front windshield, and a camera is also installed in the middle of the sunshade. It is also equipped with automatic driving technologies such as lane departure warning, and the auxiliary camera is installed above the original rearview mirror, and the rear of the front end is also equipped with a sensing device to identify and avoid obstacles when moving forward and backward.

The LIDAR is installed at the front of the vehicle, above the license plate, and can be used to scan obstacles within about 250 meters, so that the vehicle can achieve timely stopping even in case of unexpected events.

From the above, we can see that the Shaanxi Auto X6000 already has the L4 level of autonomous driving.

The whole body is full of black technology, and can automatically identify pedestrian traffic lights

The Shaanxi Auto X6000, which has reached the L4 level of autonomous driving, has a 4X2 drive form and adopts functions such as one-touch start.

During the demonstration, when this Shaanxi Auto X6000 is facing the pedestrians who are moving, the vehicle will stop by itself at the appropriate distance. When facing the traffic light, this vehicle can also automatically identify the signal light and pass the traffic light intersection according to the signal light.

The most noteworthy thing is that the Shaanxi Auto X6000 can also automatically complete turns according to the road markings during the driving process.

How does this vehicle achieve these difficult dynamics? It is mainly achieved through the fusion of perception and decision making by the automatic driving system. This car adopts all-weather vision enhancement technology, full-scene 360 environment monitoring system, the application of starlight technology camera, which can discern the target in 0.1lux environment; adaptive dynamic view infrared camera, which can fully identify traveling cars and pedestrians, completely without blind spots. It can be said to have "eyes on six roads" and "ears on eight directions".

The L4-level Shaanxi X6000 is equipped with nine cameras and a forward radar, which can monitor distances up to 250 meters. Its self-driving technology is to use these on-board cameras, sensors and high-precision maps and other devices to complete the vehicle's driving behavior such as starting, acceleration and deceleration, steering, obstacle identification and braking, and finally arrive at the designated location, with the driver taking over the control of the vehicle only when necessary.

Intelligent auxiliary system contributes to the improvement of comfort againSHACMAN large tractor trailer manufacturer -Shacmansx

The cab of Shaanxi X6000 is designed with a flat floor, and the center console is a wrap-around instrument panel with a small number of buttons for various functions, which can be seen to be powerfully integrated and easy for the driver to control; the main driver is equipped with an Isringhausen airbag damping seat, and the body adopts a multi-layer closed seal and an integrated noise reduction system for absorption and isolation, as well as a body suspension system, which further improves driving comfort.

The car is designed with a multi-function steering wheel with fixed-speed cruise control, a leather-wrapped steering wheel with a comfortable grip, very convenient function keys within easy reach and a cool color dashboard.

The center console is equipped w ith 12-inch combined LCD instruments, Skywalker terminal, 10-inch MP5 multimedia display with lane departure warning system, fatigue driving monitoring, environmental monitoring LED lighting system and AFS (cornering assisted lighting system), and high-end features such as cargo monitoring and tire pressure alarm system, which includes assisted technology applied to automatic driving.

For braking and driving safety, this X6000 uses front and rear disc brakes and is equipped with high-end assisted driving features such as EBS (electronically controlled braking system), ESP (stability control system), ACC (adaptive cruise control) and AEBS (pre-emergency braking system).

This vehicle adopts aluminum alloy double fuel tank design, large 880L and small 400L, total 1280L. the double fuel tank design makes this vehicle have a longer range, more suitable for long-distance high-speed logistics operations.

In addition, this X6000 also has a long vehicle life, long oil change cycle mileage, maintenance intelligent planning, etc., to help the vehicle efficiency performance.

As the owner of the first domestic heavy truck autopilot test license, the autopilot level of Shaanxi Auto Heavy Truck has reached L4 level, which can realize the autopilot requirements under different scenarios of work conditions such as crosstown logistics, sanitation, highway, queue driving and port.

The successful demonstration of L4 level Shaanxi Auto X6000 represents another big step forward for domestic self-driving heavy trucks.

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