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What is a Tipper?

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A dump truck is a light commercial vehicle capable of carrying various loads and equipment within its open body.Dump trucks are equipped with an underfloor dump system that allows you to dump the body to unload heavy loads from the rear of the vehicle.They are often popular with light construction and landscaping businesses because they make it easy to transport building materials, heavy garden waste and other items.The dumping action itself will depend on the model you choose and should be a key consideration when choosing a dump truck.The lowest cost tipper option will probably only tip backwards, but that's only one type there are also 3-way tippers that allow tipping either side and backwards.

What is a Dropside?tipper truck

A convertible van is a light commercial vehicle in which you can open and lower the sides and tailgate of the vehicle to facilitate loading. The Dropside's open flatbed body allows easy forklift access, and they tend to be popular with construction and scaffolding companies because they make it easier to move heavy metal like bricks and scaffolding poles.The Dropside van is one of the most durable vans on the market, capable of carrying high payloads and meeting a wide range of business needs.Side vans are usually offered as single cab or double cab and are available in a variety of sizes.

How many passengers can I carry?

A tipper van or side van is simply an extension of a chassis van and is available as a single cab or double cab and is available in a variety of sizes.Depending on how many people you need to transport, there are single cab and double cab options.The double-cab option is very popular because it can carry up to six passengers, while the less costly, smaller single-cab option can only carry one or two passengers.

What weights can I transport?

One of the most important things you'll want to know is how much weight your pod can carry on the back. It's important for practical reasons, and also, the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) has been imposing increasing fines for overloaders, cracking down on drivers who breach weight rules.The size of the loading area can vary widely on tippers and sidecars, but a typical example is about 3 meters long and 2 meters wide.These vans are used to transport often heavy materials and for dump trucks in general, typical payloads range from 700kg to 1.3 tonnes.Dropsides can carry larger payloads than dump trucks, but the biggest drawback of course is that the body cannot be raised to load and unload cargo at the other end.That said, the lower section is usually based on the larger van and carries around 1.5 tonnes of payload, sometimes a bit more depending on the model you choose.

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