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What is it like to sign up with Shaanxi Auto?

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Fresh Graduates Join Shaanxi Automotive Holding Group Co.

Looking back on the whole recruitment process last year, I am excited and apprehensive about joining Shaanxi Auto now.

I was busy with other things during the fall recruitment and I didn't look for a job, probably because most companies are more interested in hiring guys. Baoneng only one round of interviews, after the face did not wait long to send a letter of invitation to sign, but because of salary and workplace issues, did not sign Baoneng. Shaanxi Drum interviewed at a seminar at Jiaotong University, and from the seminar to the first, second and third interviews went well, but the last one was brushed off, so I was not happy. Shaanxi Jiaotong Group has only one round of interviews, and after the interview, I found out that I knew the interviewer, and then I asked for a relationship to say hello, and I felt that basically there was no problem to get in, but I was left with a long wait, waiting for 3 months (I also did not expect the recruitment process and efficiency of state-owned enterprises to be like this), before I received a contract call.

At the beginning of this year, after the New Year, all the students in my class basically signed up, I realized the seriousness of the problem of not signing up for a job, plus writing my dissertation, I was really stressed out. When I was busy writing my dissertation, I took time to attend various presentations and interviews, but some of them were not followed by letters after the presentation, some were not followed by letters after the interview, and some said directly after reading my resume that my major did not match ......Shaanxi Automobile supplier -Shacmansx

The next day after listening to the lecture, I saw a dual selection meeting, still prefer Shaanxi Auto, or the HR, dual selection meeting received a resume, a brief chat. Because of the online application, I was more worried about the online application, but there was no interview, so I asked HR, and he said that I should be able to receive an interview notice with my conditions online application. However, I did not receive the interview notice, after two days and went to Jiaotong University to attend the briefing, or the HR, I gave him that I did not receive the interview notice, he saw me so persistent, let me directly participate in the interview that afternoon, the technical side of the feeling is not particularly good. What I didn't expect was that the next morning at 10:00, I was still lying in bed sleeping and opened my phone to see the 11:00 to go to the Jiaotong University to sign, to my excitement, hurry to pack a taxi to Jiaotong University almost 11:00.

After signing the three parties, I was a bit apprehensive and went online to find out the evaluation of Shaanxi Auto, which was made several years ago, but it was all negative, so I don't know if it was true or not.

Until now, I have been working for Shaanxi Auto for a period of time, and overall I am still quite satisfied. New employees will have a two-week training, and after the training, some positions need to go down to the workshop for six months, and some positions do not need to go down to the workshop directly to the corresponding department, and there is a part of the department is short of people to go directly to the corresponding department without going down to the workshop.

Two-week leadership training camp

The location is in Shaanxi Automobile Technical School, mainly in the daytime to attend the corporate culture class or visit the workshop, and in the evening to carry out quality development, the overall feeling is quite exhausting. The culture course is quite comprehensive and meets the needs of new employees, some teachers are very interesting and some teachers are not as interesting as university teachers in culture classes.

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