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What is truck-mounted crane? How to use it?

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What is crane truck?

Crane truck is a kind of equipment which can lift, turn and lift the goods by hydraulic lifting and telescoping system, and it is usually assembled on the cargo car. Simply put, the truck crane is a multifunctional special vehicle that integrates lifting and transportation. It is generally composed of cargo car chassis, cargo compartment, power take-off and crane. According to the tonnage, it is divided into 2 tons, 3.2 tons, 5 tons, 6.3 tons, 8 tons, 10 tons, 12 tons, 16 tons, 20 tons.

What are the uses of lorry crane truck?

Nowadays, truck-mounted cranes have a wide range of uses, and we can see them in many places, for example, on construction sites, in steel mills, when carrying things, and so on. Let's unify the explanation, the truck crane is a kind of lifting machinery and equipment which is widely used in construction sites, ports or electric power companies.

In China, the truck-mounted crane industry has entered a rapid development stage since 2006. From 2001 to 2005, the annual sales of truck-mounted cranes hovered at the level of more than 1,000 units, and the cranes used were basically imported, with no domestic technology development yet. 2006 saw the total annual production and sales of 2,000 units, reaching 2,200 units, and in 2010 the number rose to 6,260 units. Since 2010, two advanced enterprises have emerged in China: XCMG and Shijiazhuang Coal Mining Machinery Co. In fact, there was a spectacular scene of "a thousand flowers blooming".lorry mounted crane for sale -Shacmansx

In fact, before the 20th century, the application of cranes in Europe, America, Japan and other developed countries and regions was already quite extensive. At that time in China, with the crane application has not been fully spread, Chinese users with the crane product awareness is not high, the truck crane has been the dominant product in the market. Crane product sales in 2010, for example, in the 3500 sales, truck cranes accounted for 80.9%, with the crane only 14.8%. With the development of large-scale domestic projects, a large number of materials lifting and transfer for the truck crane provides a broad market space, with the demand for truck cranes has increased greatly.

Gradually people slowly with the crane cognitive gradually, but also gradually see with the crane hidden value, after the broad prospects of the future. Thus gradually truck cranes slowly go downhill.

From the current market sales analysis, the sales of truck cranes gradually decline, especially in the small tonnage crane market, with the crane occupies an absolute advantage, sales are gradually rising.

With the crane advantage: In terms of price, with the crane than the car crane to come cheaper, and can well replace the function of the car crane, but also to transport items, which makes with the crane range of use greatly increased, with a broader market space. The more flexible scope of application makes it easier for the truck crane to get enough business, making it easier for the truck crane to recover costs. At present, the crane can generally recover the cost in about one year, and the user with poor business situation can also recover the cost in two years. The lower price and more rapid cost recovery make the crane more popular among individual users.

What are the uses of truck-mounted cranes: I think just about anything can be, such as plant machinery and equipment ah, trees planted, electric poles, construction sites, high-speed billboards, etc., within 10 tons can be lifted, self-pulling self-lifting good convenience. Previously, not only to worry about finding a crane to lift objects, and then also to contact a truck dedicated to transport, not only trouble, the price is also expensive, but also a lot of waste of energy, now it, a crane to solve all the problems, two birds with one stone.

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