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WP Weichai and Xi'an Cummins powering Shaanxi Auto's heavy trucks

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WP Weichai and Xi'an Cummins power Shaanxi Auto's heavy trucks.

Heavy truck 15L displacement engine comparison

1. Weichai WP15H

Weichai is an early layout of large-displacement engines in China, and the WP15H series engine was launched as early as November 2016.

Weichai WP15H660E61 engine, for example, has 15.3L displacement, maximum output power of 485kW, maximum 660hp and maximum torque of 3200N.m. It adopts the after-treatment technology route of "SCR+CEGR+DOC+DPF+SCR" and meets the National 6 emission standard.Shaanxi Autos heavy trucks cost -Shacmansx

According to the official data, the B10 life of WP15H series engine is 1.8 million km, the lowest fuel consumption rate of 180g/kW.h under full load, and the thermal efficiency of the engine reaches 50.25%, so the fuel consumption performance is even better. The low speed and high torque are suitable for tractors, dump trucks and delivery trucks.

The WP15H series engine was first matched on the Shaanxi Auto X6000 heavy truck, and is the first domestic 15L large displacement engine to be installed in mass production on road tractors.

It is worth mentioning that the 8 tractor models of Shanteca, Huanghe and Howa declared by Heavy Duty Truck in 2021 are equipped with Weichai WP15H series engines, with horsepower bands covering 580 to 660 hp. The Weichai WP15H engine was also featured at the site of the Heavy Duty Truck 2022 Cloud Business Conference.

2. Yuchai YCK15 engine

Following the release of the Weichai WP15H, Yuchai followed suit and launched the 15L displacement YCK15 series diesel engine for efficient logistics tractors and heavy-duty construction vehicles in January 2018.

Yuchai YCK15 series engine is an inline 6-cylinder 4-valve National VI engine with 15.26L displacement, available in 600, 650 and 660 horsepower bands, maximum output torque of 3,200N.m and the lowest fuel consumption rate of 180g/kW.h under full load.

Adopting "high-pressure common rail + DOC + DPF + HiSCR + ASC" after-treatment technology, the weight is controlled within 1.2 tons, and the maintenance interval is more than 100,000 km, and the B10 life span reaches 1.6 million km to meet the complex mixed road conditions often faced by domestic trunk line users.

However, the Yuchai 15L diesel engine has not yet been installed, according to industry speculation, the future may be mounted on the Dragon and United Heavy Truck.

3. Cummins 15L engine

On September 29, 2021, the Cummins National Six 15L engine, jointly built by Dongkang, Fukang and Xikang, was officially launched in Chengdu.

As an efficient transportation power, the engine can output 680hp and 3200N.m. It has a braking power of 612ps and a lifting power of 47ps, which can improve acceleration performance by 16% and climbing performance by 20%, and will become an important power player in the logistics market such as long-distance trunk line and LTL express transport.

According to the information, this engine adopts non-EGR design, the life of B10 reaches 2 million kilometers, the oil change cycle can reach up to 150,000 kilometers, and the DPF ash cleaning mileage reaches 500,000 kilometers, which greatly reduces the maintenance cycle and improves the transportation efficiency; the weight is only 1050 kg, which gives the vehicle stronger loading capacity.

It is reported that Cummins National Six 15L engine will be installed in Dongfeng, Foton Daimler, Shaanxi Automobile and other domestic first-line heavy truck products, and will be gradually introduced to Europe, North America and even the global market.

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