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Xi'an Cummins Celebrates 15th Anniversary at New Xi'an Cummins Base

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--------- 15-liter high horsepower new platform rolled out

On August 8, the 15th anniversary of Xi'an Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. and the launching of 15L engine were held under the theme of "15 Years Together for the Future". Leaders from Shaanxi Province, Xi'an City and the Economic Development Zone, representatives from both sides of the joint venture between Shaanxi Auto Holdings and Cummins, as well as dealers, service providers and customers from all over China gathered to celebrate the remarkable achievements of Xi'an Cummins in the past 15 years and witness the opening of a new future with the new base, new products and new technologies.

New intelligent factory to drive a new future

In the era of Industry 4.0, the core of which is "intelligent manufacturing", the integration of "Internet + manufacturing" has brought about a revolution of the times. How traditional manufacturing enterprises can ride on the wind has become a hot topic of concern in the industry.SHACMAN cement mixer lorry supplier

As a leading engine manufacturing enterprise jointly invested by Shaanxi Auto and Cummins, Xi'an Cummins has been adhering to the management concept of Cummins' advanced manufacturing system since its establishment, adopting the efficient and modern digital factory operation method, and providing customers with efficient power products that meet Cummins' global unified quality standards with the advantages of its four systems: manufacturing execution system, hardware facilities, supply chain system and quality control.

With the official start-up of this new plant, the second phase engine capacity will reach 100,000 units. The four strong features of "automation, flexibility, digitalization and humanization" can meet the demand for multiple varieties and forms of product manufacturing, providing customers with more competitive and valuable products.

15-liter heavy-duty products open a new chapter in the era of high horsepower

At present, the power choice of the global logistics industry is tending to be high horsepower and low fuel consumption, and the 15L engine has become the mainstream power configuration for mainline logistics in the international long-distance market. The official launch of Xi'an Cummins Snapdragon M15 engine will bring the three major winning strategies of energy saving, high efficiency and wisdom, helping more customers to realize cost reduction and efficiency increase.

"Special gift" shows the quality of craftsmanship

It is worth mentioning that at this special moment, Xi'an Cummins also received a special gift from an old friend, Yunda Express. "At this special moment, Xi'an Cummins also received a special gift from its old friend Yunda Express, a complete Shaanxi Auto Cummins vehicle with an operating mileage of over 2 million kilometers without major repairs.

In 2016, Xi'an Cummins and Yunda Express tied up, and both sides have experienced the rapid development of China's logistics industry together. Today, the average mileage of the first batch of Shaanxi Auto Cummins vehicles serving Yunda Express has exceeded 1.5 million kilometers, becoming a new benchmark in the industry!

This special gift of "Double Hundred Products" from Yunda Express is a recognition of the excellent quality of Xi'an Cummins and a testimony to the mutual achievement of Xi'an Cummins and Yunda. The "good two-way run" behind the solid foundation of Shaanxi Automobile Heavy Duty Truck, also bears the century of Cummins power precipitation of the core quality, but also the hard sweat of every employee quality attack.

School-enterprise cooperation deepens win-win situation

Inexhaustible innovation is the ladder for Xi'an Cummins to pursue excellence and realize its dreams. Facing diversified power demands, Xi'an Cummins continues to focus on niche markets, deeply promotes product development customization, and continuously explores effective chains and mechanisms of production, education, research and application.

At the event, Xi'an Cummins, Xi'an Jiaotong University College of Energy and Power and Chang'an University College of Automobile jointly launched a new mode of cooperation in R&D and internship for college students. Representatives from Xi'an Jiaotong University and Chang'an University witnessed the opening of the joint internship base, laying a solid foundation of innovation for the high-quality development of heavy trucks in Shaanxi Province!

Fifteen years of hard work and steady progress. As a joint venture between Shaanxi Auto Holdings Group, a leader in Chinese commercial vehicles, and Cummins, a global power technology pioneer, Xi'an Cummins has also steadily moved forward in this process. Through mutual support and development, the competitiveness of Shaanxi Auto's products has been strengthened, the application fields have been further expanded, and Cummins has become better known and recognized by more and more end customers. The new technology plant of Xi'an Cummins will further deepen the cooperation between Shaanxi Auto Holdings and Cummins through more competitive National VI products and more professional vehicle application matching, injecting new vitality into the development of the joint venture and creating more value for customers.

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